Latest Global B2B Buyer Trend in Uncertain Times
播放Latest Global B2B Buyer Trend in Uncertain Times
January 26, 2021
04:00 AM - 05:30 AM UTC--8
Streamed atJanuary 26, 2021
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Without a doubt, COVID-19 has changed global buying habits, and many of them are highly likely to remain permanent. According to the McKinsey report, more than 3/4 of B2B buyers are now using online methods to reach sellers, and about 70% of B2B buyers are willing to spend up more than $50,000 online.

As B2B sellers should never miss the trends and opportunities. We invite you to attend the webinar about the latest global B2B buyer trend.

here is the topic of this webinar:

1. Lastest global B2B buyer analysis under COVID19: what has changed

2. How can boost your business?

3. Key industry report and analysis -specific analysis on Food&Beverage, and Agriculture

4. Success sellers’ stories sharing

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