Rank higher in search results with Alibaba.com Keywords Trends

Discover popular keywords and use this to optimize product postings and KWA to rank higher in search results.

Key Benefits of Keywords Trends
Using keyword trends, you can get more data about buyer habits and industry to make better practices for optimizing your storefront and product descriptions.

Recent trends

See which keywords have been trending over the past seven or thirty days.

keywords searched by buyers

keywords searched by buyers before and after searching target keywords


Synonyms of target keywords to capture more search results

Top countries/regions

Top countries/regions of potential buyers
Keyword trends by category

Search keywords directly for a quick insight into buyer behavior

Refine search results by selecting up to two first-tier categories for deeper insight and further optimization of KWA

Refine search results further by selecting a time range(last seven or 30 days), the desired terminal(PC or app) and country/region.

Historical trends

Check the keyword trend over the past two years


Check the keyword search distribution for different countries/regions for more accurate targeting.

Related keywords

Explore buyers' related search behavior and use this information to improve KWA, product titles, and SEO.

Previous/post related and suggested queries

Explore keywords buyers search before and after searching the target keyword to learn more about their purchasing demands and behavior.

How do Alibaba.com Keyword analysis features inspire success?

I like it because you can optimize the rank your product by using the tool. You can check product views on a daily basis and easily replace the keywords that are not performing well. This also increases valid inquiries from buyers.
Haider Ali
Impex Pakistan Owner
Impex Pakistan