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Why should I join as a seller on
As a seller, you'll get more than a digital storefront on a global marketplace. You get an end-to-end wholesale service platform calibrated to help you grow your business reach more global buyers. Here are some key benefits to joining our seller membership:<br/> <br/> 1. An online store with your company logo, accessible to buyers in 17 different languages.<br/> 2. Extensive global reach to our base of 40 million+ active business buyers in 190+ countries and regions.<br/> 3. Access to the world's largest <strong>RFQ marketplace</strong>, with 60 chances each month to send quotes to serious buyers.<br/> 4. <strong>Smart Assistant</strong> and other AI tools to help you run and grow your business more quickly and efficiently.<br/> 5. Real-time communication tools that allow for barrier-free messaging, calls, and conferencing with buyers.<br/> 6. Complimentary onboarding services so you can have your store launched and products listed for you.<br/> 7. Free traffic boosts to help you reach more high-quality buyers each month.<br/> 8. <strong>Keyword advertising</strong> credit that allows you to get business exposure for free.<br/> 9. Local expert support to provide any onboarding, operational, or analytical support when you need it.<br/>
How do I get started as a seller?
Once you've chosen and paid for a membership plan, our team will reach out to you to begin the business verification process.<br/> <br/> Once that's complete, you can onboard to start building your store and sell your products.
Do you charge commission fees on sales?
Enjoy 0% commission fees on all your orders. We take no sales cut.
How can I get support as a seller?
Before you're onboarded as a seller, a channel partner will provide you with membership services. After that, a personal Account Manager local to you will be available to support you with any issues you may have.
Can I get a free trial membership or pay later?
You can get a 30-day free trial to test out our product listing feature. However, we recommend that you select and pay for a membership to enjoy the full range of benefits we offer. <a href="" target="_blank">Apply for a free demo</a>
How do I pay for the membership? accepts payment via bank transfer, credit/debit card, and PayPal. Leave your contact information by clicking on "Start selling now" below and our sales team will reach out to you.
What is a RFQ?
A <strong>Request for Quotation (RFQ)</strong> is an open order request from a buyer with sourcing needs. Sellers get a monthly quota that allows them to provide quotes for their products directly, allowing for streamlined lead generation. <a href="" target="_blank">Learn more</a>
What is the RFQ Green Pass?
The <strong>RFQ Green Pass</strong> is a benefit that allows sellers to send quotes to buyers with RFQs, even when they've already received the maximum 10 quotes allowed by the system.