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Global trade opens doors for both buyers and sellers. As a seller, you get the power to expand your brand worldwide. Buyers benefit from access to a wide variety of products and materials that are both high quality and budget friendly. With, buying and selling across borders has never been easier. It's one of the world's largest B2B marketplaces built for businesses that are interested in global sourcing, selling, or both.


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Global trade goes digital

<div><div>The COVID-19 pandemic forced both buyers and sellers to go digital in a massive way, and online sales are now more accessible than ever. Here are a few advantages of conducting global trade in an online marketplace:</div><ul> <li>— Increase the scale and speed of trade</li><li>— Save time and costs</li> <li>— Leverage digital tools to unlock more business opportunities</li> <li>— Facilitate easy and secure ordering and fulfillment</li><li>— Lessen communication barriers</li></ul> </div>

Why for global buying provides all of the resources you need to start sourcing with ease. Our marketplace is set up to help you save time and money as you launch or grow your business.

Wide assortment of product from reliable sellers in 5000+ industries features a wide collection of products from 150,000+ verified sellers in 200+ countries and regions. You can find any product, and trust that your order will be fulfilled as expected.

Lower cost to maximize your profit

With access to global sellers, you have the power to source your products and materials from low-cost sellers to maximize your profit.

Bring your ideas to life

With, you can work directly with a manufacturer to make the product you've imagined. From OEMs to ODMs, you are covered.

Let the sellers come to you

Detail what you're looking for and share it in the <a href=''>Request for Quotation (RFQ) marketplace</a>. You'll get quotes from multiple sellers - often in 24 hours or less!

Buy with confidence

<div><div> Buying from a new seller over the internet can feel a bit risky at first. uses several tools and protocols to make sure that you get what you ordered.</div><ul><li>— Production monitoring and inspection services</li><li>— Shipping and logistics - <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" > Freight </a></li><li>— Secure payments and multiple payment methods</li><li>— Payment services - <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> Pay Later </a></li><li>— Order protection - <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> Trade Assurance </a></li></ul> </div>

Why for global selling

Many businesses on are both buyers and sellers. If you already source on, have you considered selling your products in the marketplace as well?

    • Connect with millions of buyers

      • More than 10 million buyers from around the world use to source products and materials for their businesses. You can tap into this existing demand just by creating an seller account and listing your products on a digital storefront.

    • Expand in a cost-effective way

      • Selling on allows you to grow your business without even leaving your workspace. Plus there's low or even no take rate in many countries. This sets apart from other B2B marketplaces who charge high rates.

    • Trade without barriers

      • Communication and payments can be roadblocks when doing international trade. has built-in localization capabilities that automatically convert the language and currency of a storefront to the combination that is relevant to the user.

    • Secure your transaction

      • offers a secure payment portal so sensitive information stays safe. Issues and disputes involving transactions on are protected with mediation and conflict resolution through Trade Assurance.

    Step 1

    Create your account on Set your trade role as buyer, seller, or both.

    Step 2

    Manage your selling and buying activities from one account.

    Step 3

    Get support throughout your journey with dedicated seller services.

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