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About RFQ

What is RFQ? Request for Quotation (RFQ) is a marketplace that allows sellers to take the initiative to connect with buyers. Prospective buyers post descriptions of products they need, and sellers respond with a quote for the request.

20,000 new requests each day

Each day, over 20,000 new requests are posted on the RFQ market. Each request presents a unique business opportunity.

Inquiries from 5,000+ industries

Trade between 200+ countries

Why do sellers need RFQ?
The RFQ market is valuable to sellers for a variety of reasons. Not only does it help sellers to make more sales in a shorter amount of time, but it opens doors for other areas of business, as well.

Streamlined lead generation

The RFQ market streamlines lead generation since sellers have access to hundreds of warm leads with imminent demands.

Innovative provides for a sizable global B2B bidding market, making it the go-to solution for buyers.

Suitable for new brands

With RFQ, you don’t need to attract buyers with established branding. You must simply be capable of meeting buyers’ needs.
How it works

How RFQ boosts your business

The RFQ market helps B2B sellers take their businesses to the next level by providing high-quality leads, forging valuable professional relationships, and facilitating sales. This unique marketplace creates a springboard with significant growth in your business.

Shortens the sales process

On average, it takes 3 days for buyers and sellers to finalize deals that are initiated in the RFQ market.

Creates long-term business relationships

Provides valuable information

How to use
How to use RFQ to boost sales RFQ is quite easy to use. All you have to do is browse RFQ postings, select a high-quality RFQ, and submit an attractive quote.

Browse RFQ postings

Browse requests in the “RFQ Markets.” Search for specific keywords within your niche or filter results based on request category.

Select a high-quality RFQ

Choose a quote that you are capable of fulfilling. Ensure that you are able to meet the requester’s requirements.

Submit a quote

Answer the requests with a detailed quote that demonstrates your ability to fulfill the requester’s needs.