Tailored services to boost your business

We are dedicated to helping our Alibaba.com sellers boost up business and get on a path to sustainable growth. Backed by a team of professional B2B selling experts, we customize our service programs to maximize every step of your seller journey on Alibaba.com.

We partner with you for your success

Your success is our goal. To meet that goal, we designed our seller success and service programs to help you all along the way from getting you up and running in days, to driving measurable and sustainable results from your seller membership.

Get started with 90-day onboarding

Get ramped up and generate quick wins with the Alibaba.com free 90-day onboarding services*. The 90-day onboarding services help you jumpstart sales as a new Alibaba.com seller, even if you have zero ecommerce experience. We take the guesswork out and provide you with hands-on services and coaching - from launching your digital storefront, to posting highly attractive products, to handling your business inquiries. <br/> <br/>*Programs vary and conditions apply. Please consult for more information.

Accelerate your growth with Star Ratings

Star Ratings is a grading system thats acts as an empowering tool to help gauge your performance, track your growth, and devise ways for further improvements. It's also a predominant factor that boosts your exposure in the Alibaba.com marketplace. The higher your rating is, the more business opportunities you will unlock!

Get supported throughout your entire lifecycle

A team of experts including a dedicated account manager, or an Alibaba.com authorized third-party service provider, is ready to help you drive long-term success. You will also get 24/7 online support in multiple languages across the globe to ensure that your voice is heard and needs are met.

We owe a debt of thanks to Alibaba.com service team who supported us with professional services and insightful suggestions along the way.
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