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Expand your sales into global markets

Global B2B ecommerce is a US $23.9 trillion market. Whether your business is established domestically and looking to expand, or just starting out and wants to be open to the most customers possible, selling your goods internationally is a must. has everything you need to reach your global sales potential.


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Explore digital ways to tap into one of the largest bases of business buyers and jumpstart sales on

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Every day, facilitates international trade on a massive scale. Our B2B ecommerce platform is a dynamic marketplace where businesses of any size can succeed, thanks to the steady demand from active buyers that your business can tap into.

Why is key for global expansion

Opening your business to international trade requires specific tools and resources. Learn how can help you transition from selling in your local market to reaching buyers around the world.

International trade is for small businesses, too

We strive to make global expansion attainable for all businesses, not just the big players. That's why is accessible to businesses of any size. It doesn't matter if your business has made 5 sales, 1000 sales, or no sales at all. All of our sellers have access to the same powerful features designed to help you grow your business.

Test the market and expand strategically

Have a brilliant product idea and want to see how international markets respond? Test it out by entering the growing marketplace of Then use the industry analytics and <a href=''>market opportunity analysis tools</a> to make informed, strategic decisions to expand your business in a cost-effective, risk-free way.

Get to market faster

You no longer need to invest time and money to build a store equipped for global expansion. When you launch a digital storefront on, localization capabilities, language, payments, and currency conversions are all automatically taken care of.

Facilitate cross-border communication anytime, anywhere

Communicate with customers on every continent on the go with the AliSupplier app. It has a built-in messaging tool that provides real-time translation of 18 languages, so you can seamlessly connect.

Transact and take payments in a trusted environment Trade Assurance provides escrow services that ensure a secure payment for both the buyer and seller. It builds buyer trust by ensuring products arrive at the final destination on time and as expected, and provides impartial mediation if there is a dispute.

Logistics solutions
Leverage flexible shipping templates that enable you to use Shipping or your own logistics provider for quotes and fulfillment. Trade Assurance
Buyers can be wary the first time they place a large transaction with a seller. We offer Trade Assurance order protection to provide both parties with peace of mind.
Seller services and support
Going global may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. offers a wide range of Seller Services, so you have access to the specialized support you need – including onboarding, dedicated account management, training, and more.

Hear from successful sellers

We're revolutionizing how overseas distributors discover and order products from around the world. I feel like we're on the frontier of something new with
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