Trust of your customer is always earned, not given


Verified Supplier is's membership tier for high-quality suppliers. We provide suppliers with on-site verification services from the third-party inspection company so that your customers can put their trust on your brand.

Build trust through transparency
The Verified Supplier verification process results in a comprehensive assessment report from a reputable, third-party inspection company. This report is open to all buyers, which leads to greater buyer trust and helps generate more business leads.

Detailed assessment report

The report helps your customers understand the key capabilities of your company.

Verified videos

Photos and videos of your production facilities can be presented on your mini-site so that your customers won't need to pay a visit.

Exclusive Pavillion

Only Verified Suppliers could be listed in the Source from Factories entry and Find Manufacturers portal.
Stay ahead of your competition
Verified Suppliers enjoy different types of perks to expedite growth more efficiently.

Star Direct

Verified Supplier can get 4-star direct/5-star direct. The green pass to become a 4/5-star supplier and receive a traffic booster on featured products for 6 months.


Verified Suppliers can send quotations to specialized RFQs and quickly acquire high quality buyers


Verified Suppliers can receive 60 showcase spots per month to boost product listings in the search results
With the right amount of support, you can get onboard with ease
No experience? No worries. Backed by a team of professional B2B selling experts, we customize our service programs to maximize every step of your seller journey on

Verified Supplier center

The Verified Supplier center includes a comprehensive tool collection and entrance to multiple online events.

Product advisor

Discover new opportunities in trending categories.

VIP 1-on-1 coaching

Verified Supplier members receive VIP 1-on-1 consulting from industry specialists.

Learning & development

Verified Suppliers will be eligible for a special Learning & Development program.

Why buyers trust Verified Suppliers

If you look at the Verified Suppliers, you'll be able to see that they've been verified by independent third parties, and factory visits. It gives you inside look into the supplier.
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