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Chad Michael
Chief Technology Officer
LTA International Global Services LLC
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LTA International Global Services LLC
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LTA International Global Services LLC is a Florida-based export management company that sells top CPG products from major US brands to importers and distributors around the globe. Founded in 1994 by Loyd Tomlinson and Son, LTA's long-standing expertise in logistics and pricing has made it one of the most successful international trade businesses in the USA.


With markets shifting and demand increasing overseas, LTA required a solution that could help it scale and seize more real-time opportunities overseas without having to travel so extensively. Additionally, LTA wanted to get its hands on any tools that could help activate its robust database of global pricing trends more quickly. As the world's largest B2B ecommerce marketplace, was a natural fit for LTA's business model.


LTA used to capture real-time data from product demand inquiries around the world, allowing the company to identify key audience segments and determine what product gaps it could fill for regional distributors. The ability to upload thousands of product listings spanning multiple categories also helped LTA rise in priority search results and win more digital shelf space overseas. Additionally,'s unique translation capabilities and advertising solutions allowed the company to strengthen global customer relationships and build awareness among large importers looking to source US brands.

With's storefront capabilities, LTA developed a lead-generation database of more than 15,000 overseas retailers, importers, and distributors, and could access real-time pricing trends for CPG products in over 30 global markets. LTA looks forward to building off this success by attending educational and networking opportunities provided by, including regional Build Up events.