Sunsara, the first global seller in history to achieve a 5 star rating on shares golden rules of ecommerce
Sue Leung
Sunsara Cosmetics Canada LTD.
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Sunsara Cosmetics Canada LTD.
Hair Care & Styling
Import/Export/Trading Company
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North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia,Southeast Asia
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Expand to global markets
Reach business buyers

The story of our successful enhancement of the SUNSARA COSMETICS CANADA LTD. is an experience for all sellers of and could serve as a perfect example of how other sellers could enhance their business using our Sun Sara Alibaba business model and the Star Rating System in particular.

Sun Sara: A true global company from the start

"Our company is a certificated OEM/ODM/OBM hair-care manufacturer and exporter with our head office located in Canada. Our major products include the Argan oil series, Brazilian keratin treatment series, bleaching powders and other hair-care products, as well as hair color, hair styling, skin care products."

"We are at the higher end of the industry and we are a research and development orientated organization with truly global aspirations and capabilities. By using we trade successfully in more than 100 countries around the world, a factor that has enabled our company to become a genuinely international brand. has long been our main channel in terms of business expansion (sales) with 70% of new customers generated by the e-commerce platform. This figure far exceeds the new customer business that we develop by participating in global exhibitions such as the dedicated hair-care exhibitions and fairs in Europe, America, Asia and others around the world." Star Rating, the secret of our success!

" e-commerce platform Star Rating guides us to continued success in the e-commerce business. The higher our Star Rating, the better our business potential (due to extended exposure) is in terms of garnering hits, inquiries and orders for the products that our company trades with and this system has been successfully utilized by us for a good time. Our attention to the Star Ratings System has meant that we have an advantage over other competing companies in the industry. Although the size of e-commerce platform orders can be smaller than offline counterparts, the frequency of the ordering is much higher and the annual turnover revenue can run in to millions of dollars."

"Our Star Rating is intimately related to the exposure (in the form of potential business opportunities) that we receive on the e-commerce platform and this was certainly the case for us as a cursory search will reveal that the platform ranking of Sun Sara’s hair-care products is higher than comparative products from our rival companies in the hair-care industry, in fact it would be no doubt that we are the very first GGS member to achieve a 5 star rating in history! We saw a triple-digit growth in exposures on after being promoted to 5-star seller!"

Our advice on how to best operate on’s e-commerce platform

"The Star Rating is not only related to business opportunity results, but is also a great indicator in how to guide a successful daily business operation."

"Product posting is not only a matter of uploading and listing our products, the quality of our posting matters a lot. It is because this is related to the 'customer purchase intent', or in other words, the conversion rate of our products. To achieve optimum success, we must achieve 4/4.5 points in our Product Information Score."

"Also, it is essential that we reply to all inquiries received in a timely fashion. The lead conversion rate will be checked. The internal requirements for a 'timely response' are to reply to email inquiries within 2 hours of receiving them through “My Alibaba” and be ready to reply to an AliSupplier message at any time; this is a much stricter request than the normal platform requirements to drive premium buyer experience."

(Note by asks sellers to reply to email inquiries within 24 hours, and AliSupplier message in 1 hour to meet ‘timely response’ standard)

"With regard to the quality of our inquiries, many identical inquiries are found at the beginning, but in fact it was finally discovered that they were template inquiries and from a true demand, not spam inquiries. We have discovered that template inquiries and manual-input inquiries have similar conversion rates and therefore they are still included in the company's evaluation of the response rate."

"Keyword Advertising is a tool that can accurately reach users and is suitable for promoting our niche and high-end products. We keep investing in Keyword Advertising as we see a positive ROI (Return on Investment) along the way."

"We are very glad to become the first-ever 5-star global seller on And we foresee a strong growth in business the coming year."

(This script is from an interview with Sue Leung, CEO; Connie Kong, operation supervisor and Jessie Hu, design supervisor of SUNSARA COSMETICS CANADA LTD. )