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Rashee Gupta
MGS Accessories
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MGS Accessories
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Rashee Gupta found herself in between jobs in 2016. She started a blog, MrsGuptaSquared, and wrote about her past experience as a makeup artist while sharing her knowledge on makeup techniques. Rashee wanted to see more diversity in the beauty industry and offer women of color high-quality pigmented products, so she decided to create her own makeup line after picking up lots of traffic. Rashee took some business classes and did much research. Soon after, she learned about


Rashee used to find trustworthy manufacturers and source materials for her product line. MGS Accessories, her high-quality vegan and cruelty-free makeup line based in San Francisco, California, was born in 2017. She launched her first product, an eyeshadow palette, and it sold out within hours. After the initial success with her brand, family tragedies in 2019 made Rashee want to step away from the business. She knew she had more to offer and decided to push through. Rashee started selling on as a last resort.


Since January 2020, Rashee's business turned around. Rashee explained that "MGS Accessories was in the red before we joined Sales were very slow. Now, we have the opposite problem. We're so busy we can't keep up!" Starting off as a buyer on helped Rashee become a better seller — she knew how to win her customers' trust and could anticipate all of their questions. Selling on helped expand MGS Accessories' wholesale and private label business both internationally and domestically. Rashee has even expanded to India, a dream of hers since founding MGS Accessories.

There has been a major focus on eye makeup due to maskwearing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Rashee has seen a surge in eye shadow, false eyelash, and eyeliner sales. now accounts for 50% of Rashee's sales and the majority of her supplies. She's excited to continue growing her brand on and make MGS Accessories known around the world "to magnify the beauty that already exists".

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