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Ellen Hsiao
Digital marketing manager
Loung Yee Co., Ltd.
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Loung Yee Co., Ltd.
Heating & Cooling Appliances
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Central Southern America
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Expand to global markets
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"The KSP program assigned a dedicated AM to provide detailed and attentive coaching, with monthly data-driven performance diagnosis and target setting at every stage, enabling us to grow from an inexperienced 0-star merchant to 4-stars in less than a year! It not only improved our operational efficiency but also deepened our understanding of the international markets. We are now more confident in facing global competition and achieving ongoing success on Alibaba.com."
- Ellen, Head of Loung Yee

Company Introduction

In today's rapidly changing global digital commercial environment, Loung Yee Co., Ltd has successfully transformed into an internationally influential cross-border e-commerce enterprise through Alibaba.com's Key Success Program (KSP). This success case demonstrates how to leverage professional account management and tailored training to transform a traditional business into an efficient global e-commerce model.

Success Path

1. The Importance of Account Health Checks: Loung Yee particularly benefited from the account health check feature in KSP. Before joining the KSP, Loung Yee faced many challenges in market expansion and operational efficiency. With the in-depth account analysis and operational recommendations provided by Alibaba.com's AM through KSP, Lound Yee was able to identify and solve potential issues to optimize performance on Alibaba.com. With account health checks, They fine-tuned market strategy and enhanced engagement and conversion rates with target customers, thus speeding up business growth and market expansion.

2. The Effectiveness of Training and Consulting: By participating in KSP's training, Loung Yee learned the latest e-commerce strategies and digital marketing skills. Their team achieved a 185% increase in business opportunities in under a year and developed more compelling online sales strategies. With the support from KSP, they believe that more and more potential customers will truly cooperate with them in the future.

3. Significant Performance Improvement: After joining KSP, Loung Yee witnessed substantial business growth. Their overseas sales doubled in just a few months, and in their first year on the platform, with coaching support, they gained two small buyers and three large enterprise buyers, all reordering more than twice! In their primary market in Central and South America, they successfully reached major local wholesalers and expanded their business scope to new countries.


The success story of Loung Yee Co., Ltd is a source of inspiration for all enterprises seeking internationalization and digital transformation. Through the Key Success Program, Alibaba.com not only provides a trading platform but also offers the tools and support to realize a vision in global ecommerce.


Their success could be yours!

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