What is Alibaba.com's GGS?

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What is Alibaba.com's GGS?

Whether you’ve been selling on Alibaba.com for years or recently opened your storefront, you’ve likely heard about the Gold Supplier Membership.

Global Gold Suppliers or GGS refers to sellers with access to exceptional business support and exclusive services on Alibaba.com. They are manufacturers or wholesalers with verified facilities who have earned buyers’ trust because they provide dependable service.

But there’s often some uncertainty about what can GGS membership provide and how GSG compares to others on the platform. This article provides detailed guidance if you’ve also wondered about Alibaba.com’s GGS or are considering upgrading your membership.

Here’s all you should know about the gold supplier membership, including the membership features and how to apply.

What is GGS?

Alibaba.com’s GGS is a membership-based service provided by Alibaba.com to sellers on the platform. GGS members receive extensive support and dedicated business advice on multiple fronts, including how to reach and satisfactorily serve more buyers. You can identify these sellers with the “Gold Supplier” label on their company profile and product listings.

Global gold supplier

Because GGS members enjoy 360-degree support from Alibaba.com, they possess the tools and knowledge to provide high-quality service. Consequently, the Gold Supplier label has become synonymous with reliable, comprehensive, and excellent service.

The GGS membership comes with a plethora of premium services and opportunities, including the following:

  • Advanced Tools: A GGS membership gives suppliers access to advanced tools like product showcase, Alibaba.com minisite, RFQ marketplace, and more. These tools help members sell more goods and build profitable buyer relationships. Alibaba.com also provides a real-time chat feature through which GGS members can initiate or continue direct conversations with potential buyers.
  • Personalized service: The gold supplier membership comes with personalized and near-instant professional support. You’ll have a dedicated consultant who will guide and support your business as you explore the functionalities available on Alibaba.com. If you have any questions or run into any issues, your account manager will be there to help untangle things.

GGS is available for global sellers

It’s important to understand that Alibaba.com has more than one type of supplier membership. While GGS is available to sellers worldwide, it does not include sellers on the platform based in China.

If your business is registered in China, you may apply for China Gold Supplier (CGS) membership

Difference between CGS (China Gold Supplier) and GGS

As mentioned above, CGS refers to the gold supplier program applicable to companies based in the China mainland. On the other hand, GGS is a worldwide gold supplier program with members from countries globally.

Apart from this core difference, the CGS and GGS programs are created to cater to different interests and company needs. For example, manufacturers and suppliers in the Chinese mainland have specific needs regarding buyer reach, sales, and regulatory support that the CGS meets. The same applies to Global Gold Suppliers, who may want to reach new and old clients in unique ways.

Consequently, Alibaba.com’s professional consultants are trained to provide the level of advice and support companies in these regions need to succeed on the platform.

GGS price range and function

While GGS is available to all international sellers, the program comes in various packages with different price ranges. Therefore, sellers may choose amongst the available packages in line with their budget and expected business needs. You can access details about GGS pricing here.

But the price is not the only distinguishing factor between these packages. The various packages are also differentiated based on the available features and a company’s country of operation. You’ll find more information about each package and how they compare in terms of price, features, and country below.

Global gold supplier

GGS price range

Regarding price, Alibaba.com GGS has three main categories in the US that sellers may choose from, as per their requirements. These are:

  • Standard Package: The standard package carries an annual fee of $3,499. Companies seeking a more budget-friendly option will find this package attractive.
  • Standard Extended Package: This is the extended version of the standard package, priced at $6,498 for two years. It is mostly similar to the standard package, except that it runs for two years. So, you can save nearly $500 with this option.
  • Premium Package: The premium package is priced at $6,999 a year and includes all the functions of the previous packages, along with some added features.

Sellers will usually pay the fee under these packages in two separate payments. One part goes to Alibaba.com, while they will make another payment to Alibaba.com’s certified service partner.

GGS price range by function

In addition to price differences, Alibaba.com’s 2022 GGS packages in the US provide varying functionality to sellers. Here’s how these packages compare in terms of features.

Standard Package

The Standard Package has the following features:

  • Post products: Sellers may enjoy an unlimited quota of product listings throughout the year. You can post as many products as you wish to have on your account.
  • Keyword ad spends: After registering as a GGS member, you begin with $500 in your Keyword Advertising account. Keyword Ads let your product listings rank higher on Alibaba.com pages so you can reach more of your target audience. The more money you start with, the faster you can gain greater exposure for your products.
  • Showcased products: Product Showcase lets you display selected products more prominently. With this package, you can showcase up to 20 products simultaneously, ensuring your best sales items enjoy the spotlight.
  • Response to RFQs: Requests for Quotes (RFQs) are buyer inquiries that may lead to new sales opportunities. Sellers purchasing the standard package receive 60 bids a month to respond to RFQs and potentially close new clients.
  • Sub accounts: Sellers may also maintain sub-accounts tied to their main seller account. You can open up to 5 sub-accounts with this package.
  • Product posting service: Many factors such as SEO, keywords, images, and excellent descriptions help product listings perform well. With this package, an Alibaba.com professional will help you post up to 75 products for optimized product listings.
  • Minisite creation: Alibaba.com provides customized minisites to its Gold Suppliers. It gives a unique touch to your online store and appealingly displays your products.
  • Feature configuration: An Alibaba.com certified partner will provide assistance to navigate and optimally set up the platform’s premium features such as Keyword Advertising, product showcase, and responses to RFQs.
  • Account manager: Sellers gain comprehensive support from a dedicated account manager who will always be available to answer their questions.

Standard Extended Package

The Standard Extended Package offers all of the features available with the Standard Package, with just one difference: you receive a starting Keyword Advertising balance of $550, so your products can rank faster.

Consequently, you’ll gain access to the following features with a Standard Extended Package:

  • Unlimited product posting
  • Keyword advertising balance of $550
  • Product showcase for up to 20 items
  • Response to RFQs (60 per month)
  • Sub-accounts (5 linked to your account)
  • Product posting service for up to 75 items
  • Minisite creation by Alibaba.com certified partner
  • Feature configuration by Alibaba.com certified partner
  • Account manager

Premium Package

As the name suggests, the Premium Package offers more exclusive features than the previous two. For instance, you’ll gain access to the following additional features:

  • Account manager: Compared to other packages, GGS sellers subscribed to the premium package get to work with a New York-based key account manager.
  • US-based Key Success Program: The package also provides access to a Key Success Program (KSP) that includes bi-monthly 1-on-1 account health checks and four sessions of Alibaba.com’s Seller Training E-course (ASTE). Additionally, sellers purchasing this package benefit from specialized training and consultation on RFQ setup, Smart Marketing, and more.

Additionally, the premium package offers higher limits to features already available with the Standard and Standard Extended packages.

  • Unlimited product posting
  • Keyword advertising balance of $1,150
  • Product showcase for up to 20 items
  • Response to RFQs (60 per month)
  • Sub-accounts (5 linked to your account)
  • Product posting service for up to 100 items
  • Minisite creation by Alibaba.com certified partner
  • Feature configuration by Alibaba.com certified partner

Global gold supplier

GGS price range by countries

GGS membership prices vary from country to country. The same package may be priced differently depending upon the trade policies, currency, and features available in each country.

For instance, the Premium package costs $5,999 annually in the UK. In addition, the equivalent of the Standard Package in the UK is the Plus package, which costs $3,999 per year. Likewise, Australia and Canada have a similar price range to Britain when it comes to GGS membership.

In France and Germany, the Premium package starts from $5,999, whereas the Basic package has prices from $2,499 and $2,999, respectively. In India, interested sellers may choose from five packages ranging in price from Rs.99,000 to Rs.3,59,000 per year.

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Why is there a charge?

The fee ranges for the various Alibaba.com GGS packages may feel pricey, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. However, it’s essential to recognize that the fees represent the service quality provided.

The platform only charges what is necessary to maintain the quality of the exclusive services you’ll receive and the various resources that assist you at every step of your journey. The benefits you derive from these services will offset your outlay to a large extent.

In addition, Alibaba.com provides multiple packages, so sellers have flexible options and can work within a budget. Sellers unsure about the merits of a Gold Supplier membership may explore a free seller account while weighing the pros and cons of paid membership. Although, please note that the free account has limited features and you cannot sell on Alibaba.com with this account.

You may also be able to try any one of the paid packages pursuant to Alibaba.com promo or demo offerings. Additionally, the fee makes sense, as GGS members must be verified by a third-party company and enjoy sales while paying little to no commission.

Alibaba.com requires authentication & verification for GGS

Global gold supplier

Authentication and verification are what create the confidence that buyers have in the Global Gold Supplier membership. It’s a mark of seller credibility that is only possible after properly verifying a seller’s existence and business quality.

To qualify, a supplier must undergo valid attestation and confirmation by a trusted third-party security service provider designated by Alibaba.com. Here’s what the authentication and verification process looks like.

Authentication involves ascertaining with the local tax authorities and agents in your region whether your company legally exists or not. Verification, however, ensures that the person registering on the platform is an employee in your firm and has proper authorization to manage your profile on your behalf.

The process doesn't take much time. You can expect to conclude the process in a couple or more weeks unless there are significant issues relating to the authenticity or legitimacy of the authentication documents you submitted.

0% Commission

When it comes to commission and take rates, sellers on Alibaba.com pay 0% on most transactions.

Most wholesale buyers prefer Alibaba.com over other online B2B marketplaces due to the unbelievably attractive prices that the sellers offer here. Sellers are able to sell at such competitive prices because of the low or nonexistent commission fees they have to pay on Alibaba.com. Compare this with other marketplaces that charge up to 20% commission per sale.

Alibaba.com does not charge any commission for each item sold, allowing sellers to retain most of their earnings as profit.

Local Support

Alibaba.com empowers local suppliers by educating them about the opportunities around them and how to take advantage.

The platform provides a fair chance for all its suppliers to be recognized in the global market. It organizes a series of virtual events and trade shows like the March Expo and Super September, where local suppliers get the opportunity to promote their products and services to buyers near them.

Alibaba.com also has local channel partner teams in different countries. GGS members can seek advice from localized teams to quickly solve their problems. These local partners will provide personalized solutions to their business problems and support them till they achieve confidence with the platform’s technology.

To deal with the international trade restrictions, Alibaba.com has partnered with local financial institutions and logistic service providers to ensure a smooth and swift flow of goods and money.

How to apply to GGS

Firstly, you need to create a free Alibaba.com seller account if you are not a seller. Next, follow these steps to complete an application for GGS membership:

  • Visit the GGS pricing page and select your preferred membership option. You can also request more information about your preferred package before proceeding. After choosing a package, follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.
  • Upon successful registration, an Alibaba sales manager will be appointed to assist you on your Gold Supplier journey.
  • Next, you will go through the authentication and verification (A&V) process. As part of the process, you’ll fill out an online verification form where you must state the registered name of your company and a telephone number. You will also submit the following documents:
    • Company registration certificate
    • Company telephone bill issued within the past three months
    • Letter of authorization (LOA) appointing an individual to act on your company’s behalf on Alibaba.com (top-level executives and businesses owners do not need an LOA)
    • After filling out the form and supplying the required documents, you’ll be asked to attend a verification call. Alibaba.com’s approved verification partners will conduct the call.

Upon completing verification, you become an Alibaba.com Global Gold Supplier, and your GGS account will be activated within 24 hours. You can then begin to access exclusive GGS features and display the “Gold Supplier” label on your profile.

If you want to take your business to the next level and unleash its true potential, an Alibaba.com Gold Supplier membership can provide the firepower you need. Click this link to become a Gold Supplier today.