Posting, posting, posting
Kwontavious Billingsley FEBRUARY 27, 202011MIN READ

Before you can sell anything online, your customers must be able to identify you and what you have to offer. In other words, posting about your products is an essential requirement for a strong online performance. The more you post and the better your posts are, the more success you are bound to have. This guide will help you understand how quantity and quality can help you improve your online business.



To reach the widest audience possible, you simply have to post more and include higher quality information. This simple equation leads to a higher product information score. The better the score, the better your results or sales will be. Buyers will not only be able to find your posts with much more ease, but they will also be more likely to find exactly what they are looking for.


Product quantity

To increase the rate of your product posts, simply leverage the tools that the platform already provides for you:

One-by-one upload is the simplest method you can use to start adding your products online. As you follow the process, you will be prompted to enter multiple product parameters and descriptions manually. This is very useful when you are first getting started and want to focus on a few individual products.

Bulk uploads, on the other hand, allow you to post multiple products at the same time while automating much of the description process. It does so by importing all the information that is present on a spreadsheet catalogue. With this feature, you can easily make all of your products available online in no time.


Post quality

Only relying on a large quantity of products listed is still not enough to maximize your sales. Every post must also have clear and useful information in order to attract and retain more customers. To improve the quality of your posts, simply spend some time on the following areas:

Titles should be descriptive, relevant, and concise. A good title is one that tells a customer exactly what your product is while using the most commonly searched words and in a manner that is easy to read. Avoid repetition or the insertion of too many words that do not directly relate to what your product is.

Keywords can be used in both titles and descriptions to help your buyers find your products. Good keywords directly match what your target audience is searching for.

Descriptions should focus on your ideal customers. Do not neglect your target audience for the sake of more customers as this strategy often backfires. In addition, always use descriptions to highlight the benefits of your product. Use colorful and imaginative language to elicit as much emotion as possible.

Images & videos perfectly complement all of the areas mentioned above. Use these to give your customers a better idea of how your product works or functions. Using well designed images and videos can also lift a customer's appreciation for a product that is generally considered dull.



If you wish to be successful with selling products online, the steps to be followed are quite simple; post or offer as much as you can. The more you have listed, the more likely people are to find you. Taking advantage of bulk upload features on the platform will allow you upload large quantities of products in short periods of time. Invest some time into creating quality posts by making sure you have accurate titles, relevant keywords, and engaging descriptions along with supporting media.