Should you keep optimizing your posts? Yes!
Constance Holmes FEBRUARY 28, 202013MIN READ

Why should you keep optimizing your posts?

Search rankings

It is important to keep optimizing your posts so that they rank highly in search results, as the algorithms used by search engines are always changing and so it is necessary to keep up with these changes. Posts that rank higher are more likely to be viewed by potential buyers, meaning the chances of sales for your business are also higher.

Changing customer needs

Customer needs are always changing as a result of consumer culture and priorities, new legislation, and other external factors. It's important to keep track of these trends, and listen and react to what customers are telling you in their inquiries and feedback. Another important source for finding out what your potential customers value, is the comment section on your competitors' sites.

Tip: methodically go through all customer comments and group them by pain point to find out what's important to your customers. You can then work out how you can adjust your product to better meet their needs.

Evolving competition

Competition is constantly evolving, and it's important to stay up to date with your competitors to make sure that you stay competitive with your products and prices. You should pay attention to your key competitors, note any new companies, and see what their most popular products are, and how they price them. This will help you to better position your products in the market.


What should you optimize?

Title & keywords

Titles and keywords should be accurate and descriptive so that customers can quickly and easily understand the nature of the product, and find your product listing. Both should be updated to reflect changing customer priorities, for example to emphasize a particular aspect of the product that has increased in perceived value e.g. that it's made from recycled materials.

Tip: in order to check how your posts rank in search results, search using certain keywords and compare where your posts rank for each one. You can then optimize your posts with certain keywords in mind, and search again to see how your ranking has changed. 

Images & videos

It's important to ensure that all your products have high quality images and videos so that buyers have a good understanding of your product. Compare your images and videos with those of your competitors with high-ranking products to see what can be improved, and make sure they are updated to reflect the latest changes to your products.


Benefits of optimized posts

More traffic & more sales

Posts that are optimized for your target customer, with accurate descriptions that help show the value of the product to the customer, and high-quality media to display the product, will increase traffic to your site. This is because accurate and high-quality postings will have higher product information scores and thus be displayed higher up in search results. Moreover, they will attract more targeted customers that have a specific interest in your product and are therefore more likely to convert into sales.



It's important to keep optimizing your posts so that they stay relevant to customer values and continue to rank highly in search results. When optimizing your posts, it's important to pay attention to the title and keywords as well as the images and videos, in order to create a high-quality listing that is informative and targeted to customer priorities. The creation of high-quality listings will drive more traffic to your site, resulting in a greater chance of making more sales.