10 Profitable Digital Products And Where To Sell Them

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10 Profitable Digital Products And Where To Sell Them

Venturing into selling digital products presents a cost-effective opportunity to diversify your revenue streams. The extent of success, whether modest or substantial, hinges on factors like your investment of time, the caliber of your products, and the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

If you're an online entrepreneur, exploring the digital product market could prove rewarding. To aid you in your journey, this article will explore prevalent types of digital products, platforms for selling them, and strategies for launching and scaling your online business.

The Meaning Of Digital Product

A digital product encompasses any virtual or intangible item available for purchase and sale online. While commonly associated with ebooks and webinars, its scope extends to include subscriptions to content creators' social media pages, community memberships, newsletters, and various other offerings — all of which will be discussed shortly. Essentially, if the product lacks a physical form that you can touch and feel, it qualifies as a digital product.

The Reasons That Sells Digital Products

Why bother selling something that isn’t tangible? Here are a few reasons.

  • The digital product industry boom
    According to a JP Morgan study, the digital product industry is projected to reach a staggering $74 billion by 2025. This growth presents an immense opportunity for digital creators, regardless of their experience level, which reflects improvement especially in the alibaba shopping website.
  • Demand for knowledge and expertise:
    There's a substantial demand for access to knowledge and expertise, with many individuals willing to pay for valuable insights. By packaging your expertise into easily accessible formats, you can tap into this market and claim your share of it.
  • Low barrier to entry:
    Creating and selling digital products requires minimal technical skills and resources, enabling virtually anyone to enter the market. You don't need a physical storefront, advanced technical expertise, or a large team. With internet access and a willingness to share knowledge, you can create digital products from anywhere in the world, like some popular online shops, and sell them globally without geographical constraints.

10 Profitable Digital Products To Sell

1. Online Courses and Educational Products

With e-learning platforms like Coursera and SkillShare just a click away, learning something new has never been more accessible. If you possess a unique skill or passion you want to share with the world, seize this opportunity to transform your expertise into an online business. Consider hosting monthly webinars, offering downloadable tutorials, or developing an online course.

2. Licenses for Digital Assets

Tailored for creatives, licensed digital assets enable individuals and businesses to purchase the rights to use someone else's digital property, ranging from stock photos to WordPress themes. As the creator, you can monetize these assets by selling them through your online store and other digital marketplaces.

3. Music and Art

Express your artistic talents digitally by monetizing your music compositions or artwork. Whether you're a professional musician selling snippets of your songs as ringtones or a filmmaker distributing movies online, there are numerous avenues to capitalize on your creative endeavors.

4. Digital Tools and Templates

Fill the gap in professionals' busy schedules by offering digital tools and templates to streamline their tasks. From media editor plugins and digital media planners to graphic design templates and mobile apps, there's a wide array of resources that can enhance productivity and simplify daily operations.

5. Memberships

Rather than selling individual digital products, bundle multiple offerings into memberships and offer them on a recurring basis. This can include access to online courses, fitness classes, business tools, or coaching services. Membership sites foster community engagement and offer subscribers exclusive deals and content.

6. Instagram or AR Filters for Social Media Apps

Monetize your creativity by designing artistic Augmented Reality (AR) filters for social media platforms like Instagram. By selling filters to your followers and other users, you can generate passive income while showcasing your digital artistry.

7. Lightroom Presets

If you're skilled in creating Lightroom presets that enhance photos or videos, consider turning this talent into a profitable venture. Selling presets online appeals to photography enthusiasts seeking to emulate professional aesthetics in their imagery.

8. Beats, Sample Packs & Drum Kits

Utilize your music production skills to create and sell beats, sample packs, or drum kits online. With demand from the film and television industries for fresh sounds, your original compositions could be featured in various media projects.

9. Digital Planners, Illustrated Journals & Calendars

Tap into the market for digital planners, illustrated journals, and calendars, which are highly sought-after by individuals seeking organizational tools. These products offer significant potential for passive income generation.

10. Instagram Post Templates

Design visually appealing Instagram feed templates to cater to influencers and individuals aiming to create cohesive feeds. With the demand for aesthetically pleasing content on the rise, offering customizable templates can be a lucrative endeavor.

3 Right Platforms to Sell for Digital Goods

Once you've decided on the digital product to sell, the next step is to select the optimal platform for selling it. Fortunately, there's no shortage of platforms to choose from, with over 7.1 million ecommerce sites available in 2020. So, the options are plentiful. As a prominent open SaaS ecommerce platform catering to mid-market and enterprise brands, BigCommerce offers a comprehensive array of essential features necessary to launch your digital product and propel your business forward.

Although numerous ecommerce platforms excel in facilitating the sale of physical goods and services, it's important to recognize the distinction between selling physical and digital products online, you can also search the best internet shopping sites. To help choose your ideal platform, here are some essential features to look out for:

1. Ample Digital Storage

Given the potential for space constraints with self-hosted platforms, it's crucial to opt for a platform offering generous storage capacity for your digital files. Ideally, unlimited storage is optimal to accommodate your growing needs without worry. While many platforms impose fees based on storage usage, with costs escalating as storage requirements increase, BigCommerce stands out by providing unlimited bandwidth and robust file support, ensuring you never run out of room for your digital assets.

2. Streamlined Shopping Cart Experience

Research indicates that a significant 69.8% of shoppers abandon their carts during the checkout process. Enhancing the checkout design can substantially boost conversion rates for large ecommerce stores by up to 35%. Customers crave a seamless, efficient checkout experience characterized by minimal steps, absence of distractions like popups, and a clear, intuitive design facilitating easy navigation. Offering a "Guest Checkout" option further expedites the process by allowing customers to complete purchases without extensive personal information input. It's also imperative to ensure the checkout page remains on your site to maintain efficiency and minimize the risk of customer attrition due to lengthy redirections.

3. Integration with Top Payment Gateways

To enhance the buying journey, your ecommerce platform should seamlessly integrate with a diverse range of payment gateways. While popular solutions like PayPal and Stripe are common, offering a broad spectrum of payment options is essential to cater to varying budgets and geographical regions. BigCommerce excels in this aspect, boasting over 65 pre-integrated payment solutions spanning 230 countries and 140 currencies, including Apple Pay, Adyen, Visa Checkout, and Amazon Pay. Additionally, platforms now offer one-click checkout functionalities like PayPal One-Touch, streamlining future transactions for customers.


This article offers a compelling invitation for creators to swiftly launch digital products and establish an online storefront with zero financial investment. Whether you're a seasoned online merchant or an aspiring entrepreneur, the realm of digital products presents a golden opportunity for lucrative online sales. These products can seamlessly complement your existing physical inventory or lay the groundwork for a flourishing online venture, alleviating worries about inventory management and overhead costs. Are you prepared to seize the reins and dive into the realm of creating and selling your own digital products? Don't hesitate any longer—take the leap and embark on this exciting journey today!

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