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New Digital Entrepreneurs
50 recipients of the Grants Program

About the first-ever $500,000 Grants Program

We're entering a new world of work where 600,000 more new businesses were started in 2020 and the trend has continued into 2022.

This new wave of entrepreneurs is made up of people from all different walks of life. They're realigning their personal values, creating life on their own terms, and changing the way we think, work, and live. They're erasing boundaries of what's possible and molding a new workplace reality where they can manage their business from any place, at any time. They're bringing new ideas to the table that change the foundational fabric of society and break society's notions of work. They're creating the Entrepreneur Economy and we call them New Digital Entrepreneurs. committed US $500,000 and created the Grants Program with Hello Alice (the first-ever A.I.-based digital adviser for business owners) to spotlight and aid the next wave of New Digital Entrepreneurs. In just six weeks, more than 12,000 applicants submitted innovative product ideas, services, or go-to-market strategies. From the 12,000 applicants, our panel of judges selected the top 50 based on their demonstration of the market opportunity, their business model/product innovation, and their plan for the funds. Each of the top 50 applicants receives a US $10,000 cash grant to help bring their ideas to life. Here are their businesses and stories.

Meet the judging panel

Our judges don't just have decades of experience across a variety of digital industries, they're digital entrepreneurs themselves. From starting their own businesses and helping others succeed to transforming and reimagining industries, they know what's needed to thrive in the digital world.

President, North America & Europe,
President and Co-founder, Hello Alice
Director of Global Partnerships, Elevate Brands
Ines Belakhdar
Founder and CEO, Bynes NY
Ecommerce Expert

Meet our 2021 Grants Program recipients

Our 50 grant recipients developed products and strategies that help make the world more beautiful, more equitable, more knowledgeable, more sustainable, and healthier. Learn about their products, stories, and visions below. Grants Program in the news

More about the Grants Program recipients

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As part of the program to support the Entrepreneur Economy, the Digitization Sprint for Retailers is an 18-part curriculum designed to help entrepreneurs gain integral know-how on key business topics such as ecommerce basics, marketing and customer engagement, sourcing and supply chain, finance and operations, as well as overall business growth. Anyone just beginning their journey into online retail and anyone looking to optimize their existing business will benefit from participating. Throughout the course you'll hear from industry insiders, explore market reports, and get access to Expert Q&A's.