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"Be patient, and spend more time to know Alibaba product posting and other ranking systems. Success will come automatically. We became Alibaba basic member in 2010 and started a gold member in year 2012. Nowadays We are receiving 60+ inquiries each week from Alibaba, among those inquiries 5 to 7 potential inquiries each week. Our Company turnover for 2023 is 9 million USD."
- ABRAHAM LINKON, Owner of Brownfield Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing

The entrepreneurial spirit of MD. Abraham Linkon, the Proprietor of Brownfield Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing, has been the driving force behind a remarkable success story that commenced in 2007. Starting with humble beginnings—a single founder, one employee, one room, and a shared vision—the company has burgeoned into an influential player in the apparel industry, operating across two countries and providing employment to over 300 individuals. Brownfield's ambition was clear from the start: to become a globally recognized apparel company that places a premium on care and sustainability.

Linkon's venture into the world of e-commerce began in 2010 when Brownfield joined as a basic member. Two years later, they upgraded to a gold membership, signaling their commitment to leveraging the platform for international growth. Since then, Brownfield has maximized's potential, acquiring over 60 inquiries weekly with 5 to 7 of those showcasing high potential. This impressive engagement has propelled the company's turnover to an astounding 9 million USD in 2023.

Despite the company's tremendous growth, challenges have been ever-present. The main difficulty faced by Brownfield was exposing their new OEM product developments in knit, woven, and sweaters to a global audience. By strategically engaging more qualified sub-account managers and maintaining a consistent product posting schedule on Alibaba, along with ensuring high star ratings on the platform, Brownfield has effectively overcome these challenges.

Brownfield's products, which now include a significant focus on ladies' fashion clothing, have reached customers across Europe and America. Their largest order on, a substantial 3,50,000 USD transaction, was delivered to a client in Malaysia. Annually, Brownfield boasts exports amounting to 9 million USD. The first half of 2023 showed a 7% growth rate in exports through, building on a solid growth rate of 5.5% in 2022.

Export plays a pivotal role in Brownfield's operations, with 100% of their business catering to international markets. In terms of sales channels, 60% of their business derives from cross-border e-commerce, of which about 50% is directly attributed to, while offline transactions account for the remaining 40%.


Brownfield's journey has not only impacted the global markets but also made a difference to its customers and employees. Being an Alibaba Gold Member for 11 years has garnered trust from buyers worldwide. One remarkable story that encapsulates Brownfield's success involves securing an order worth 124,000 USD from a Greek buyer, all within just ten days of initiating communication.

MD. Abraham Linkon's assessment of is resoundingly positive, describing it as an excellent platform to kickstart global business endeavors and he also expressed his thankfulness to’s local partner Tradeshi Ltd. for enabling their success and he is very happy for the support of Tradeshi Ltd. His advice to new suppliers on is to exercise patience, invest time to understand the intricacies of product posting, and master the ranking systems. With this approach, Linkon assures that success on is not just possible but inevitable.

Brownfield Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing's tale is a testament to the transformative power of digital storefronts and the global reach provided by It's a story that inspires and guides new suppliers looking to replicate Brownfield's success and make their mark in the expansive world of cross-border e-commerce.


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