Taz Hair Bangladesh: Global Expansion and E-commerce Triumph

B.M.Tazul Islam
B.M.Tazul Islam
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B.M.Tazul Islam
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"Alibaba.com proved to be a reliable partner in the growth of any product business. Want your brand to reach the same heights of global success? Join Alibaba.com today and color your dreams."
- B.M.Tazul Islam, Founder & CEO of Taz Hair Bangladesh

In the heart of Bangladesh, B.M. Tazul Islam established Taz Hair Bangladesh in 2018. As the Founder & CEO of this small yet ambitious wig manufacturing company, Islam's vision was clear from the start: to not only meet the local demand but to expand the business to global markets with a strong e-commerce presence and reach business buyers worldwide.

Having mastered the local market and fueled by the desire to scale, Taz Hair Bangladesh connected with Alibaba.com’s local partner Tradeshi Ltd., and turned to Alibaba.com in 2023. With no prior experience in exporting, the platform presented an opportunity to break into the international scene and Alibaba.com's local partner Tradeshi gave them training and support. The company swiftly adapted to Alibaba.com's ecosystem, engaging with potential buyers effectively and starting to export wigs globally.

The venture onto Alibaba.com brought significant milestones, with Taz Hair Bangladesh securing three permanent buyers and achieving sales exceeding $45,000 within the first 13 months. This success came after overcoming initial hurdles in acquiring international clients due to the lack of know-how in global communication and client acquisition. Alibaba.com was instrumental in bridging this gap, enabling Taz Hair Bangladesh to extend its reach to over 20 countries, including Turkey, England, Colombia, Germany, Uzbekistan, and more.

The company's largest order through Alibaba.com was particularly noteworthy—a hair system wholesaler from Turkey ordered 100 pieces and, impressed with the quality, followed up with a massive order of 500 pieces worth approximately $45,000. Such achievements highlight the company's growth trajectory, with a year-on-year growth rate in exports through Alibaba.com reaching an impressive 100% in 2023.

Currently, 100% of Taz Hair Bangladesh's business is international, showcasing a complete pivot to global markets. While 25-30% of business originates from offline transactions, a dominant 70% of sales come through Alibaba.com, underscoring the platform's critical role in the company's success.

Although Islam did not share specific anecdotes of impact on customers or employees, the company's growth speaks volumes. His commendation of Alibaba.com is emphatic, advising business owners to join the platform and invest wholehearted effort to see significant results. To new suppliers considering Alibaba.com, Islam's message is one of endorsement for the platform's reliability and effectiveness in fostering business growth.

Taz Hair Bangladesh's journey from a local manufacturer to an international player in the wig industry, powered by Alibaba.com & with the unwavering support of Tradeshi Ltd., is an inspiring tale of strategic expansion and e-commerce success. It stands as an exemplar for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses looking to venture beyond borders and achieve global recognition.


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