Indian female entrepreneur digitizes family business to reach new heights with

Rushika Dholakia
Leranath Fashion
About the Company
Leranath Fashion
Ethnic Clothing
Company Size:
11-50 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
Southern Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
“What started as an experimentation turned out to be a one stop solution for all our business problem. Today, we are not only growing with, but creating a unique identity for Surat in the whole world as the digital export hub.”
- - Rushika Dholakia, Founder, Leranath Fashion


Leranath Fashion was established by Mr. Dharmesh Patel. He started his journey as a B2C trader operating across multiple e-commerce websites. However, he did not get much success because of the lower margins in B2C e-commerce. At that point in time, Dharmesh decided to pivot his business to B2B e-commerce and tried his luck with a few domestic websites. The limited reach of these websites has capped his dreams of truly exporting his products to the whole world. At the same time, his cousin Rushika completed her studies and wanted to join Dharmesh and propel the next growth chapter of Leranath fashion. In order to upskill herself with export e-commerce, she did a course where she got to know about from her professors. They strongly recommended her try for unprecedented business growth. She did her research further and got to know how operates and how it was very different from other existing alternatives.

She immediately listed her business with by taking the gold membership. It is with the hope of reaching the whole world of opportunities, they also started their own manufacturing at the same time.


Taking membership was just the tip of the iceberg. Rushika quickly understood the importance of having the right approach with the membership. She took help and training from her channel partner and account managers and understood how the platform works. She quickly understood the key steps she needed to take in order to achieve success at In her own words- “my channel partner asked me to post a lot of high-quality products regularly, respond to all the queries at the earliest, and maintain a high seller star rating. I used this mantra on a day-to-day basis and before I realized it, I started to see the results.”


Leranath Fashion got its first big business order through within the first 4 months of taking the membership. 3 years fast forward and today they are getting 300+ business inquiries every day from business buyers all over the world. This number is on the higher side of the spectrum across all sellers at from all over the world. Leranath fashion has got a business revenue of INR 1 crore in the first year of taking the gold membership and in the three years with, their revenue has grown to INR 3 crores. They currently run 2 accounts at and planning to start the third account soon.

Their success could be yours!

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