inks new deal with Republic of Uzbekistan JULY 20, 20213 MIN READ inks new deal with Republic of Uzbekistan

Thanks to the new agreement between the Export Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan and, Alibaba’s B2B online marketplace, the possibility opens up for Uzbekistan small and medium-sized enterprises to access the world-leading B2B e-marketplace platform, with a section dedicated to offering unique products to bring Made in Uzbekistan into the world. is a digital export e-marketplace portal that allows international buyers to search for producers of goods worldwide, in many product categories. To date, with 150 million registered users of which 26 million are active buyers, 40 production sectors, and 5900 product categories. It represents the world's largest B2B trading platform. Over the past three years,, originally particularly focused on the Chinese market, has seen a strong expansion of its business outside the Far East, with growth rates of up to 380% in markets such as the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Mexico, Russia, India.

Furthermore, the operators active on the platform cover a wide range of product sectors, in order to offer opportunities from the traditional sectors of e-commerce such as, for example, Food & Beverage and Beauty & Personal Care, up to relatively more complex sectors such as Health & Medical and Minerals & Metallurgy.

Main advantages of collaboration:

  • The platform plans to host a section dedicated to Made in Uzbekistan companies and products, in which only the Uzbekistan member companies will be hosted;
  • Registration support for more than 100 companies on the platform;
  • For 12 months, the companies selected for the project will have the advantages of a Global Gold Supplier on the platform without having to bear the membership cost, which will be funded by the Export Promotion Agency.
  • Companies registered as Global Gold Supplier will be followed and guided to use the platform to make the most of the internationalization opportunity
  • Visibility will be given to the products of the companies admitted on to help bring them to sell online in more than 190 countries.