What's going on in the global B2B apparel industry

播放What's going on in the global B2B apparel industry
December 17, 2021
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM UTC+8
Streamed atDecember 16, 2021
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About the Webinars

Shout out to all apparel and textile businesses of Pakistan! If you are an apparel manufacturer or trader, don’t miss the opportunity to join our upcoming webinar episode where experts from apparel industry (A successful Pakistani business owner & the Apparel Category Expert, Alibaba.com) would talk about the latest trends and insights of the sector as well as underlying opportunities for Pakistani Exporters.

You will learn

🎯Key global trends and insights of apparel and textile industry

🎈Opportunities for Pakistani apparel exporters in the global arena

## Expert recommendations on do’s and don’ts to multiply your business growth in the industry

...and many more stories and insights

About the speakers