What is Alibaba.com Official Service?

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What is Alibaba.com Official Service?

Alibaba.com AM Service is an exclusive consulting offering from Alibaba.com. The service is designed to help sellers with greater than usual support to unleash the full potential of their digital storefront.

If you need your business to scale faster or want high-value assistance on-demand, Alibaba.com AM Service may be right for you. This guide explains all you should know about Alibaba.com AM Service. You’ll find AM Service helpful if you:

What is Alibaba.com AM Service?

Alibaba.com Account Manager Service (AM Service) is a deluxe consulting service on the platform. AM Service is designed to offer exclusive technical and operational support to new and existing suppliers who need extra help.

As one of the world’s largest B2B marketplaces, Alibaba.com provides one of the most comprehensive trade directories online. There are so many ways to grow your business on the platform, including B2B e-commerce tools to help you find, engage, convert and satisfy global buyers.

But, while it’s easy to use, some sellers may need more help than usual with the platform. For instance, the scale and variety of Alibaba.com services can sometimes be daunting for new sellers. Or you may find that you require more dedicated help to cope with the demands of your high-growth store.

If you believe that general channel support does not meet your store’s requirements, AM Service can provide the next-level assistance you want.

With AM Service, sellers gain the opportunity to work with high-level industry and operational experts. You’ll enjoy on-demand access to these professionals and obtain the timely support you need to grow your online store. Whatever your needs, you can access reliable expertise with Alibaba.com AM Service.

Read through the next section to learn more about AM Service, including its key features and who needs it.

Alibaba.com official account manager service

Key features of AM Service

AM Service operates as a next-level customer service offering. It provides exclusive seller training, niche insights, and the benefit of a stand-by team who will support your store on its Alibaba.com journey.

While sellers on the platform have different needs and objectives for their storefront, AM Service brings expert help to achieve those daily operations

  • Routinely encounter problems that need expedited resolution
  • Seek dedicated expert help with Alibaba.com operations like keyword advertising (KWA) and requests for quotation (RFQs)

AM Service provides professional assistance that caters to these needs and helps enable your storefront’s success. Here are some of the core features of AM Service and how it supports your online store.

Alibaba.com direct service

A core feature of AM Service is the direct interaction it provides. You receive direct help and expertise from a team of professionals without intermediaries. As a result, there’s no processing time or wait period before you can access the assistance you require.

Another perk of direct service is the one-to-one communication it entails. You’ll interface with your support team in real-time, receive rapid feedback, and gain efficient resolution of any issues or questions you highlight.

And this ensures that your business can respond immediately and adequately to arising problems.

Customized service

AM Service is not a mainstream support solution. Instead, it provides personalized services tailored to your company’s needs.

As McKinsey & Co. report, personalization can help businesses gain a sustainable comparative advantage.1 AM Service provides the support you need so that you can also serve buyers better and create a unique advantage for your business.

Your AM Service team will help you establish a strong digital presence and aid you with critical insights into your brand and products. In addition, you’ll learn how to succeed on the platform and benefit from tips to improve your business.

Technical competence

The Alibaba.com AM Service consists of highly experienced and skilled professionals. They will help you set up an account that is attractive to global buyers and assist you with tips to excel on the platform.

With their technical expertise, AM Service professionals can help you understand and maximize Alibaba.com tools. You’ll learn what tools to use, how to unlock their full potential, and what areas of your store to target for optimal results.

Consequently, whether you’re new to the platform or have operated a storefront for years, you’ll likely find ways to improve with the AM Service team.

Diversified offers

As we’ve mentioned, every business has different needs and priorities. The AM Service offering recognizes this and accommodates your distinct business requirements. You can access flexible service options under different packages according to your business objectives.

Whether you require a dedicated professional to lead you through the first few months of seller onboarding or desire full-time management for the whole year, AM Service has a package to meet your needs.

AM Service team

With AM Service, you’ll be working with proven experts. The team consists of savvy industry and operational professionals certified by Alibaba.com.

AM Service experts are located worldwide, including in Korea, the United States, and Italy. Consequently, you’ll access localized help that fits your business circumstances and customer demographic.

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Exclusive services and benefits

AM Service comes with several deluxe benefits and service offerings. The program offers a broad range of consultancy, account management, and training expertise. And these are distributed across two flexible deal packages designed to meet your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the core benefits you’ll enjoy with AM Service.

Exclusive AM Service

Sellers participating in the AM Service program have their pick of consultancy, management, and training competence delivered by experienced professionals. Each area has different service levels, from basic support to granular intervention.

  • Consultancy: Direct access to consultants is a theme that runs throughout AM Service. But you can also choose the level and frequency of consulting aid you receive, from daily consulting to monthly reports and quarterly diagnoses.
  • Management: Sellers also receive account management assistance, ranging from basic management and account setup to exhibition management and marketing management.
  • Training: With AM Service, you can gain competence with the various product features and services on Alibaba.com. But you determine how comprehensive that training is. AM Service offers account setting, platform training, and tool training.

Alibaba.com official account manager service

Special offers 2022

Sellers who sign up for AM Service in 2022 may be eligible to receive a bonus third-party mini-site package. This bonus service will include:

  • Mini-site creation and upgrade: An Alibaba.com mini-site provides a unique touch for your online store and displays your products attractively. This year, sellers gain free mini-site design and creation with their AM Service subscription. But sellers who purchase OBS AM Direct Plus only receive free mini-site creation.
  • Product posting: If you purchase the AM Direct Plus package, you’ll have up to 200 products posted to your mini-site for free or 100 product postings if you’ve bought OBS AM Direct Plus.
  • Product optimization: This bonus component also comes with free product optimization, meaning you’ll gain the chance to assess and improve your product catalog for better sales.

Please note that this special offer has limited quantities and is therefore available on a “first come, first serve” basis. So, it’s worth acting quickly to contact an Alibaba.com consultant and select an AM Service package immediately.

Key benefits of AM Service

Whether you’re a new seller or an old hand on Alibaba.com, having expert assistance on-demand will be a big help.

You gain the opportunity to significantly improve your storefront by relying on the expertise of Alibaba-certified professionals. Additionally, receiving professional help may help unlock your store’s potential and take you to the next level of growth.

  • Save time: Time is a scarce resource when running a business, especially when you have to manage online and offline operations. AM Service provides rapid solutions to daily operations issues, helping you save time and get more done with the same resources.
  • Reduce stress: Between monitoring suppliers, engaging with buyers, and managing your staff, you’re likely already stretched thin keeping your business going. You can relieve some of that stress by turning over your digital store operations to savvy AM Service professionals.
  • Ease the workload: Lastly, being the boss doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do everything. Setting up your Alibaba.com account, posting products, and marketing your store are tasks that an AM Service expert can take off your plate, freeing you up to spend more time meeting buyers and fulfilling their needs.

How to obtain AM Service

Alibaba.com official account manager service

If you’d like to learn more about AM Service or get started with a package that suits your company, an official AM consultant or Alibaba.com sales and service rep can help.

The AM consultant or sales and service rep will explain more about the service, available packages, and the best mix of services for your business.


Who will provide Alibaba.com AM Service?

Official Alibaba.com professionals provide AM Service to new and existing sellers on the platform. These professionals are experienced industry and operations consultants certified by Alibaba.com. Suppliers can look forward to receiving high-quality support and training from a skilled AM Service team.

Who should use AM Service?

AM Service may be a good fit for businesses that:

  • Require expert help to navigate the tools and resources on Alibaba.com
  • Recently joined Alibaba.com and need assistance with learning the platform
  • Wish to significantly improve their digital operations through expert instruction
  • Desire to receive extraordinary aid with issues they face while using the platform
  • Want sophisticated day-to-day assistance with operating their Alibaba.com storefront while they focus their energies elsewhere

How is AM Service different from Alibaba.com channel service?

AM Service differs significantly from Alibaba.com channel service in terms of personnel, skills, and services.

  • Only trained professionals and official staff from Alibaba.com can provide AM Service. Meanwhile, channel services are supplied by channel partner service staff.
  • Your AM Service team consists of website, industry, and buyer experts.
  • The official service directly comes from internal employees, and its service process and service content are acknowledged by the platform.

How much does AM Service cost?

Contact an AM consultant or Alibaba.com sales and service rep to receive information about AM Service packages and their pricing.

Sell on Alibaba.com

AM Service gives new and old sellers on Alibaba.com access to high-quality, on-demand support. While understanding and maximizing the platform can take time due to the variety of tools offered, AM Service provides a sophisticated way to rapidly get going and begin selling successfully.

If you already have an Alibaba.com seller account, it’s worth considering how AM Service can help take your business to the next level. And if you don’t have an account on Alibaba.com, open a seller account today to access a new world of B2B opportunities.

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