Totally Products expands global business 30X over with
Daniel Rosenfield
Totally Products LLC
About the Company
Totally Products LLC
Health Care Products
Import/Export/Trading Company
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Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
Build a digital storefront


Totally Products is a Florida-based vitamin and supplement company founded by Daniel Rosenfield, an entrepreneur whose vision for a single weight loss solution quickly grew into a product line including over 200 health supplements. With 99% of Totally Products business taking place in the United States, the company saw an opportunity to drive more bulk B2B sales and expand to a global customer base with But first, it needed to connect with international buyers and figure out how to build brand awareness on a global scale.


With a storefront on, Totally Products was able to reach international customers by creating streamlined price lists, developing product brochures, and uploading high-quality images. Paired with the ability to bundle products into combo packs, Totally Products drastically increased the number of SKUs it offered to drive more B2B traffic and raise the company profile in new markets.


The new storefront helped Totally Products transform into a private label, wholesale business with 35% of its sales coming from international buyers, and with promotional events like Super September, there's even more opportunities for the business to expand its reach.