ME Trang Coffee finds ways to trump competitors with

Duong Khanh Toan
Director of International Business Development
About the Company
Company Size:
51-100 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
Russia, China, Poland, USA
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
Succeed in ecommerce
“Coffee is a bit difficult to sell digitally because customers typically want to try it out before purchase. To sell coffee online, you have to build trust with the buyer, but that trust must come from the platform. Because is the biggest B2B platform, they solved that problem of trust for us.”

- Duong Khanh Toan, Director of International Business Development, ME TRANG COFFEE JOINT STOCK COMPANY


With a well-known product lineup comprising high quality coffee blends, ME Trang Coffee Joint Stock Company has a large and established business. The company sells coffee products such as Ocean Blue roasted coffee beans, Arabica roasted coffee beans, Mcafe roasted beans and other high-grade coffee items to customers in Russia, China, and Vietnam.

But despite its well-established business and 22-year trading history, COVID-19 came as a challenge that forced the company to reassess its operations. Faced with fewer customers and dwindling sales, ME Trang needed a sustainable way to pursue new business and keep revenue flowing, even amidst the economic slump of COVID.

They wanted a solution that not only keeps sales up but provides a platform to build and expand their business. So, they turned to


Although ME Trang previously maintained a seller account with, the company could not unlock sufficient value from the platform. But after reassessing the features and benefits of the marketplace, and to help combat the challenge of COVID, the company took the decision to rejoin – and they haven’t looked back since then.

From being able to reach a wider audience with their products, and target markets with unique propositions, to gaining the trust of their clients, ME Trang is forging a path in digital selling with

While the coffee market has always been tilted towards physical sales, the company is leveraging to provide value that customers can rely on, no matter where they live. The pandemic brought about a fundamental change in B2B buyer attitudes towards online coffee trade, and ME Trang is riding that wave of change with

According to Duong Khanh Toan, solves two key problems for the company: trust and brand quality. Since coffee is a commodity with varying quality and blends, customers want the assurance that they are getting value for money. It’s not always easy to showcase that value, but ME Trang is able to leverage the dominant profile and track record of to attract customers.

And in terms of brand value, Duong believes that provides the best tools and features that help them showcase the company’s capabilities and benefits to buyers. With tools like products showcase and the livestream, they can promote their best products and differentiate their value from competitors.


After being on the platform for just two years, ME Trang is still at the beginning of their journey with But the company is already reaping the rewards of digital selling. With $100,000 in sales already concluded and a bustling pipeline worth hundreds of thousands more, Duong is excited at what they can achieve on