Digitalization with is the smart chess move of Nam Viet Foods & Beverage

Bui Thi Hau
Nam Viet Foods & Beverage Co. LTD
About the Company
Nam Viet Foods & Beverage Co. LTD
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Main Markets:
Western Europe, South America, Central Asia
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Succeed in ecommerce
Expand to global markets

Nam Viet Beverage Company, a VINUT brand established in 2016 that produces and exports healthy, quality soft drinks. Currently, the business has over 465 products and distributors in 63 provinces in Vietnam.

Our “smart chess move” by joining

“Every month we make contact with more than 500 potential customers and receive orders from more than 100.”

Right from our conception in 2016, we knew becoming a GGS member would be important for our success. In comparison to other B2B sites, offered a major potential source of business revenue. Today, is the backbone of our business since 90% of revenue comes from exporting activity.

After four years as a GGS member of, we can report very positive outcomes. Every month we make contact with more than 500 potential inquiries and receive orders from more than 100. We've also consistently expanded our export market, making it more than 180 countries and territories today. To meet this greater demand, we've also expanded our supply capacity with a larger factory, an area of 30,000 square meters occupied by over 500 employees.

Our tremendous growth by utilising's tools and capabilities

"After using's Smart Marketing tool, our inquiries increased by 28 percent, and views via search were higher by 69 percent."

Our sales to current markets are driven by using's platform tools, such as keyword rankings, mini-site setup and their comprehensive customer support system. The most helpful tool we have utilized in driving sales is's Smart Marketing feature — this is something we strongly recommend to other SMEs.

Smart Marketing has greatly increased our products' accessibility to prospective buyers. We are now attracting more targeted buyers, meaning that the quality of our inquiries has also improved. The Smart Marketing tool is both effective and affordable, and we are excited to see the role that it will play in Nam Viet Beverage's development in the future.

"From reports and data provided by, we're able to analyze trends by customer type, country or region."

When growing a business, there are two sides that need to be focused on. Firstly, finding new customers, and secondly, getting repeated orders from existing customers. The platform supports both by providing a variety of digital tools that we took advantage of.

From reports and data provided by, we're able to analyze trends by customer type, country or region, and it enabled us to offer suitable products and develop effective business strategies to our customers.

Our chance to reach to new markets with

"I am impressed that has helped us reach new markets very well, such as Africa."

Our export markets are quite diverse and includes Western Europe, South America and Central Asia. In addition, has helped us reach new markets, especially in our exciting expansion into Africa. It's a place with a lot of opportunities for internet and technology, allowing Africa to become a key market for Nam Viet F&B.

Over the next two to three years, we will continue to use to support our growth. Specifically, we aim to expand more into Africa, as well as into Russia and the U.S.