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Trending Products to Sell in 2024

Remember how VHS was popular in the 1980s and 2000s? Now, people barely buy VHS because the mobile phone does its work.

What does this mean?

A product that used to have high demand might be replaced by something new due to factors like technological advancement, global movements, and changing consumer behaviors. This is why online sellers must stay up-to-date with trending products to meet the demand of the dynamic marketplace. The year 2024 won’t be any different. Read on as we highlight trending ecommerce products in 2024 that hold great potential for your online business.

30 trending products to sell online in 2024

What products are trending now? What should you add to your shelves, and what should you remove from your inventory? To help you navigate the demands of 2024, we’ve compiled a list of trending products to sell:

Trending dropshipping products

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to sell online, so it’s no surprise that more than 33% of businesses use this method for order fulfillment.1 It’s cheaper, doesn’t require a vast inventory, and poses less risk. Dropshipping is a business model where business owners don’t need to buy or store goods before selling. Instead, the seller partners with a third-party supplier who handles sales orders and customer delivery. Dropshipping is very lucrative, and a report shows that almost $85 billion is earned in sales from this business model.1 Some trending dropshipping products to consider for your store are:

1. Clothing

One of the most trending dropshipping products you can sell in 2024 is clothing items. The global market for clothes was $610.12 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $830.69 billion by 2027.2 If you are venturing into this business, you should keep in mind that it is very competitive. There are thousands of products and sellers in this category, so using the drop-shipping model, where you don’t have to invest much money upfront, is a good idea.


2. Furniture

Furniture items like chairs, tables, and wall shelves are often a major purchase. They make great dropshipping items due to their demand and sizes. Focus on soft furnishings with great designs and durability to improve the demand for your offering.

3. Outdoor equipment

Many people have developed an interest in outdoor fun like hiking, camping, and swimming since the pandemic. Currently, the outdoor industry market is worth billions of dollars and is anticipated to rise considerably by 2030.3 You can tap into this industry by offering popular outdoor equipment like camping tents, camp gas, mosquito repellent creams, sleeping bags, and first aid kits.

Trending beauty products

A beautiful physical appearance is a desire by many people, and this is why people spend money on trending makeup products. The total revenue from the beauty industry amounted to $579.20 billion in 2023 and is expected to multiply in the coming years.4 Another report stated that women in the US spend an average of $3,756 annually on beauty products.5 Beauty products comprise items needed for grooming and beautification, including makeup and skincare.

Now, you can add some trending beauty products to your store.

1. Mushroom beauty products

According to Whole Foods, mushrooms will be one of the top trending products of 2024.6 Mushroom isn’t just great for diet; it’s also a trending ingredient In beauty products. More and more people are shifting towards using mushrooms in their products because the vegetable contains nutrients that promote healthy skin and hair. You should look out for products with mushrooms as ingredients and focus on creating awareness about its benefits to attract customers.

Mushroom beauty products

2. Men's grooming kits

Men will not be left behind by the trending beauty products in 2024. One of the things driving the rise of men's beauty is the global movements tackling traditional definitions and notions of men. As more men are embracing skincare, there will be a spike in the demand for men's grooming kits, which often contain skincare products, shaving products, and other grooming materials.

3. Serums

One of the trending skincare products of 2024 will be serums for the skin, especially the face. Serums often contain active ingredients to address specific skin conditions or provide benefits like brightening and hydration. One growing preference in the face serum market is the desire for sustainable products.7 This means more people prefer serums made from natural and organic ingredients.

Trending fashion products

Revenue in the fashion market is expected to reach $1,062 billion by 2028.8 This product category has great user penetration, making it an excellent niche for business owners who want to boost sales. You can sell your products on social media, online marketplaces, or your website.

Now, to some trending fashion products.

1. Eco-friendly wears

People are becoming more conscious of the environment and are trying to reduce the planet's degradation. One of the latest trends in the fashion industry is the shift to sustainable products and eco-friendly wear.9 This includes recycled clothing, cotton wear, and durable clothes. People want to know what they are wearing and where it’s coming from, so you should capitalize on this trend by keeping your products eco-friendly.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular fashion choice, and its demand has surged in recent years with the release of fashionable pieces. The jewelry market was valued at $249 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow by 5.8% by 2030.10 You can sell different types of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and handmade pieces.

3. Footwear

An outfit isn’t complete without a shoe or slides to match. One of the latest trends is stylish and comfortable shoes like sneakers, short heels, and slides. You should also pay attention to materials and designs because customers care about that, too.

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential to stay stylish or protect the eyes against UV rays. You can consider offering a different range of sunglasses with varying lenses, sizes, colors, and designs to cater to consumers’ preferences. One of the top selling sunglasses currently is blue ray blocking lenses.

Trending tech products

Technology keeps evolving, as does the need for tech products to accommodate our needs. Tech products are a great choice for e-commerce sellers who want to establish themselves in a powerhouse industry. Some trending tech products are:

Trending tech products

1. Phone accessories

More than 80% of the world owns a mobile phone.11 Meanwhile, most phone owners enjoy adding accessories to protect their devices and make them more functional. It also helps that most accessories are inexpensive and don’t require a substantial financial investment. Some popular phone accessories include phone cases, wireless chargers, and earbuds.

2. Gaming products

There is a significant increase in the number of people who play games, 3.38 billion people in 2023 alone.12 Under gaming products, one of the items to look out for are wireless gaming controllers, which allow for an immersive game experience and precision control. Other high-demand gaming products include microphones, blue light glasses, headsets, gaming pads, and keyboards.

3. Bluetooth tracking devices

Bluetooth tracking devices make it easy never to lose essential items like keys and wallets. People can attach these devices to their important belongings and use a smartphone app to track them when misplaced.

4. Wearable tech

Wearable techs like fitness trackers and smartwatches have gained much popularity over the years. This has opened up a massive market for people who want to capitalize on the health and fitness trend.

Wearable tech

5. Smart home products

Smart home products, from kitchen appliances to smart plugs and home security systems, are seeing increased demand. These products allow for home automation, thus simplifying life for people. It also helps that home automation tools are energy efficient and help with home security.

6. Portable solar panels

Solar panels are another trending product that will boom in the next few years. Portable solar panels are great for generating electricity from sunlight, making them an excellent power source during emergencies, camping, and boating. A report showed that the global solar panel market will reach $1,296.3 million by 2027.13 It’s safe to say these products will sell off fast from your shelf.

Trending health and fitness products

Fitness products are another trending niche that has a huge market.14 A lot of people engage in sports, thus increasing the demand for fitness-related items needed for exercising or achieving health goals. Some trending fitness products are:

Trending health and fitness products

1. Health and fitness trackers

Many physically active people are embracing trackers and smart devices to monitor their health, heart rate, movement counts, sleep patterns, etc. These devices are great for health-conscious individuals who need insights and tracking to reach their fitness goals.

2. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are trending in the fitness industry due to their versatility in helping achieve a full-body workout. This fitness equipment is also an excellent choice for people who engage in home workouts or need to enhance their strength training. One appeal of resistance bands is their simplicity, which makes workouts accessible to people. Also, they are easy to store and don't take up much space. Other similar trending products to consider are dumbbells and kettlebells.

3. Knee braces

Sports injuries have increased the demand for knee braces to offer stability during physical activity and reduce pain for people with knee issues.

4. Athleisure

One of the trending products to sell in 2024 is fitness wear, like leggings, sports bras, tracksuits, and hoodies.15 This market is huge due to the increased number of people participating in physical activities. The sportswear industry is also becoming more popular as athleisure is becoming fashionable.24 You can start your fitness wear brand or work with suppliers to sell products from existing fitness wear brands.

5. Black stockings

It’s 2024; people want longer socks to stay cozy and rock high boots. This is a good time to tap into this trend by offering stockings.

Trending Home Decor Products

More and more people are opting to work remotely, which means they spend more time at home.16 People are looking for ways to make their homes look better and aesthetically pleasing. Are you considering offering products to help people spruce up their homes? Here are some trending products to sell:

Trending Home Decor Products

1. Wall art

Wall art is very cheap and can transform a room from boring to something from a movie. There is an increase in demand for wall art due to how they elevate a space at a low cost. Wall art can feature anything from pictures to abstract art and quotes. Another great thing about wall art is that it is cheap to produce, and you have unlimited design options to attract customers. This makes it one of the top trending products online.

2. Wallplates

Wall plates are becoming one of the top-selling home decor products.17 You can bundle wall plates alongside trending decor products like wall art, scented candles, and oil diffusers.

3. Scented candles

Google Trends shows that scented candles are getting a lot of demand, which will continue into 2024.18 Apart from being a great self-care item, scented candles also make a lovely addition to make the home look better. The most popular scented candles are custom-made glass jar candles made from natural soy wax.

4. Oil diffusers

Oil diffusers are little magic that gives off amazing fragrance and creates a great home ambiance.

Oil diffusers

5. Storage organizers

Thanks to their functionality, storage organizers are one of the most sought-after home decor products. Currently, the market for these products is worth only $11,650.5 million in the US.19 These items help homeowners prevent their space from cluttering up and work well for consumers looking for convenience and aesthetics in their homes. They can work in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and any part of the house you want a tidy look.

6. Smart LED light bulbs

Smart LED light bulbs are a great option to add brightness, color, and ambiance to the home. One thing that makes Smart LED one of the new trending products to sell is that it can be controlled with a smartphone or voice command, making it a great home item for technologically inclined consumers.

Trending pet products

With more pets getting adopted and treated like humans, the pet products industry is booming, and there is enough space for new people to join. During the pandemic, a Forbes survey found that 78% of people acquired a pet, so it should be no surprise that the industry is booming.20 Some of the trending products to sell in the pet products industry include:

Trending pet products

1. Dog toys

Dog toys are first on our list of trending products in the pet industry. A report says that the pet toy market could reach a value of $15 billion!21 Toys are great for keeping dogs entertained and improving their well-being, so many pet owners are getting them. Some typical dog toys you can explore include rope, balls, puzzles, and chew toys.

2. Automated feeders

Other top-selling pet products are innovative products like automated feeders. According to a report, the automatic pet feeder market will grow by $1236.23 million between 2023 and 2027.22 These products are in demand because they offer convenience by providing pets with the required quantity of food at regular time intervals.

3. Pet fountain

The pet fountain has been one of the most searched-for pet products for the past five years.23 This pet product is popular among busy pet owners who don't have enough time to refill their pets with water. A pet fountain is very convenient, and it helps reduce stagnant water, which is bad for pets’ health. There is a lot of demand for this product, so you might consider investing in it.

How to find trending products?

Keeping up with trends and selling trending products can help your eCommerce store sell faster and boost your revenue. Market research is one of the best ways to find trending products. Some of the best tools you can use to find trending products to sell are:

How to find trending products

1. Google trends

Google Trends is a resource tool that provides insights and analysis of different products and niches. You can gauge the popularity of products based on search volume, geographic location, and demographic analysis.

2. Statistica

Statistica is one of the best websites for market reports and data on various topics, including trending products. You can find information about products like global revenue generated, growth rate, demographics, selling channels, etc. All this information will help you understand the best product to sell, why, and how to sell it.

3. Social media search

Yes, you can use social media like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram to find what products people are talking about. Another strategy is to search products using hashtags to see how well conversation about the products generates engagement.

4. E-commerce best-selling lists

E-commerce sites like, eBay, and Amazon often have a category that highlights the best-selling products on their website. You can browse these lists to find some trending ecommerce products you can offer.

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