Why is September the best time of year to stock up for your eCommerce stores?

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Why is September the best time of year to stock up for your eCommerce stores?

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to stock up your eCommerce store, ready for a surge in online shopping. Whether you sell cute gift ideas, festive decorations, or cozy essentials such as candles, fairy lights, and hot chocolate, September is the perfect time to refresh and re-stock your website.

Plus, you can now take advantage of Alibaba.com’s Super September event, which runs from the 1st to the 30th of September 2021. Recoup any losses you may have incurred due to COVID-19 as a retailer and enjoy massive savings across all categories! Get 30% off delivered duty paid products and watch live stream product demos. Enjoy on-time delivery, give online sales a boost, and take charge of inventory management.

Let’s discuss why September is key for retailers worldwide and how the Super September event can help you increase sales with high-quality goods at low prices.

6 Reasons why you should stock up your shelves in September

September marks the end of summer for most merchants and the start of a brand new season. Online shoppers will now be searching for fall and winter goods. If you have an eCommerce store, September is the best time to give your online shop a brand new look, taking down summer essentials and replenishing your product categories with new and exciting items. Here are six reasons why September is the month to restock and refresh your general merchandise.

1: Stay ahead of your competitors

One of the best reasons to restock at the start of September is to stay well ahead of your competitors online. By updating your general merchandise with new products and seasonal categories as soon as possible, you position your business as an industry leader, quickly turning over stock ready for a new season. This will help you increase online sales, especially as more users start to get excited about this warm and cozy time of year! This is particularly key for American merchants, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

2: Offer home delivery & avoid delays

To avoid delays when it comes to overseas shipping, it’s best to restock early. When you have seasonal stock already in your warehouse or on the shelves of your bricks and mortar business, you have the ability to offer your customers next-day delivery. But if you leave this process too late, you might suffer from supply chain delays, which could impact home delivery services and lead to bad customer reviews. So, make sure your customer service is on point by stocking up on time with Alibaba.com.

3: Seasonal fruit & vegetables

A new season comes with its own delicious seasonal fruit and vegetables, which means a rise in online grocery shopping. So, if you’re offering these products as a retailer, make sure to place orders ahead of time to guarantee that you receive high-quality fruit and vegetables on time. Since you’ll be dealing with perishable items, ordering early will minimize the risk of delays, which can impact your goods and mean losing money. Plus, last year, many retailers worldwide struggled to keep on top of grocery sales, with panic buying triggered by Coronavirus pandemic fears. So, stocking up your eCommerce store early is certainly a good move for anyone selling fresh fruit and vegetables this fall/winter.

4: New trends for fall & winter

Become a trendsetter by investing in new fall and winter merchandise early and promoting your new stock across social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. More often than not, successful retailers are early adopters, jumping on new seasonal trends as soon as they land! Don’t miss out on time-sensitive opportunities and tune into Alibaba.com’s Super September event to look out for ways to become a trendsetter within your industry this year and next year!

5: Boost retail sales

If you don’t have enough stock already in your warehouse ready to be shipped out for home delivery, you’re not going to reach your retail sale potential and shift stock in bulk during the winter season! By getting organized as a merchant and stocking up your eCommerce store in September, you can give your business the best chance of turning over a healthy profit! So, boost your retail sales this fall/winter and invest in new goods and replenish your top sellers as soon as you can!

6: SEO

Search engine optimization is another reason to restock in September before people start shopping for the holiday season. Updating your category pages early gives search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing time to crawl your website and display new category pages, product pages, and gift guides for relevant search terms. This will help you long-term by increasing your organic visibility within the search results. If you don’t stock up early, you might slip through the net and not be shown for the right, and relevant search terms before online shopping really gear up for the festive season.

What is Super September, and how can your business benefit from this event

Stock up smart with Alibaba.com’s Super September event, available from the 1st to 30th September 2021.

As the most significant promotional event on the e-commerce platform, Super September is packed full of discounts, massive savings, and perks to help retailers restock and prepare their business for the holiday season. Discounts will be available for best-selling products, with one-click delivery and quality assurance a major running theme across all categories.

Super September marks an incredible opportunity to boost online sales for dropshipping businesses, with 30% discounts available for delivered duty paid purchases from China to the United States. Sellers on Alibaba.com will be offering delivery from 10 to 15 days, which will be available to all buyers. For more information on delivered duty paid goods, read our guide: What is the incoterm delivered duty paid.

Extremely cost-effective, one-click delivery will be available for millions of products during this seasonal event. Alibaba.com will also be highlighting country-specific trading relationships on their eCommerce platform to empower buyers from 17 countries and encourage overseas business partnerships. There will also be a specific focus on the food and beverage and agricultural produce marketplace, helping forge new relationships between premium suppliers and top buyers on the platform. Live streaming events and factory walkthroughs will help connect international buyers with quality suppliers and manufacturers. Learn more about live streaming and virtual trade shows here.

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Whether you own a small online business, a shopping mall, several department stores, or a grocery store, September is your chance to replenish, restock, and get organized. Prepare your business for a surge in online sales and make sure you have changed your stock from bright and pretty summer essentials to fall and winter comforts. Alibaba.com has almost everything you could ever need as a merchant! Hear from top seller success stories here. From cozy bedding and fresh groceries for baking a pumpkin pie to festive homeware, gift ideas, and cleaning products to combat viruses and bacteria during the colder months of the year. Sell on Alibaba.com as a wholesaler, retailer, or dropshipping business, or browse a large number of product categories available and restock your business with must-have seasonal goods!

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