15 Popular Products to Sell Online in 2024

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15 Popular Products to Sell Online in 2024

As 2024 rolls in, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs must stay alert to the latest trends. After all, every new year brings new demands, upgrades, and product trends.

So what’s happening in 2024? What items will consumers demand? What will manufacturers focus on?

In this article, we list the best products you can sell online in 2024. Whether you’re looking for popular digital products or physical goods, this guide will help you find the best products you can sell online.

Introduction to e-commerce trends in 2024

E-commerce never stands still; it changes forms as new trends pop up and shoppers become influenced by different factors. Keeping up with trends and popular products can help you stay competitive online and position you for success. To keep up with trends, you need to use tools like Google Trends, browse market research reports, and check out top products on e-commerce sites.

Now, to the e-commerce trends of 2024.

The e-commerce industry continues growing while accounting for a large percentage of all retail sales. According to Forrester, B2B e-commerce sales will be more than $2.3 trillion in 2024.1 As we head into 2024, trends that have shifted consumer behavior include global movements, awareness about sustainability, technology advancements, and the need for convenience. Other e-commerce trends you should know against 2024 include personalized recommendations, sustainable packaging, AI customer support, product visualization, social commerce, and omnichannel marketing.

15 popular products to sell online in 2024

One of the benefits of selling popular products online is that you can rest assured that there is demand for what you’re selling. With that said, here are the most popular products you can sell in 2024:

1. Makeup products

The makeup industry is huge, and you can sell many popular makeup products. Current market research projects that the revenue from the beauty industry will surpass $101 billion by 2027.2 Some popular makeup products to sell are brushes, eyelashes, beauty blenders, mascara, and lip gloss. Other popular beauty products in the market include foundation, graphic liners, powder, and concealers.

Makeup products

One of the latest trends in the beauty industry is the use of natural and organic products. If you’re considering launching your makeup brand, focusing on products made from organic ingredients will be a great strategy.

2. Skincare products

The global skin care products market size was estimated at $135.83 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% from 2023 to 2030.3 Many consumers use skincare products to treat skin issues and improve skin health. Increased advertising is another factor responsible for the growing use of skin care products. Some popular skin care products to sell include sunscreens, face wash, serums, moisturizers, and SPF body cream.

If you are venturing into this industry, you should remember that there has been a significant shift towards using natural ingredients in skincare products. This trend is due to the increased awareness about the benefits of natural ingredients to enhance skin health. Take advantage of this trend, and your customers and environment will thank you.

3. Hair products

Hair products are items needed to beautify or keep hair healthy. These can include products like shampoo and creams used to maintain hair or products like attachments and wigs used to adorn hair. The hair care market is expected to grow to $104.60 billion by 2027.4 This means it’s a vast market that promises a high ROI!

Some popular hair products you can sell include shampoos, hair curling irons, blow dryers, heat protectants, hair oils, hair spray, hair volumizers, and so on.

4. Matcha

Small business owners can generate a lot of profit by offering matcha products and drinks. Matcha has been trending for a while due to its unique flavor and health benefits.5 As of 2021, the matcha tea market size was $2,323.05 million and is expected to reach $3068.31 million by 2027.6 Matcha is often used as a drinking tea and sometimes as an additive in pastries and beverages. With the rise of online shopping and the demand for Matcha, you can start your online store, look for reliable suppliers, and start selling to people striving to eat healthy.

5. Watch accessories

Watches remain a must-have accessory because they complement people’s outfits and help track time. Also, with the trend of smart devices, smartwatches assist with tracking user’s health/fitness, locating lost items, and integrating with social media. Since many people own a watch, accessories will always be needed. One of the benefits of starting a watch accessory business is that it requires little capital, and you can start your business from home. Some ideas for watch accessories are pins, watch straps, watch boxes, chargers, cases, and screen protectors.

Watch accessories

6. Power tool accessories

Power tools are electrically powered tools like saws and drills, often used for construction and other purposes. There is a high demand for power tool accessories, and that’s why the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 5.98% from 2022 to 2028.7 Some factors driving the growth of power tool accessories include the growth of the construction industry, rising DIY activities, and the demand for Li-ion batteries.8 Examples of power tool accessories to sell include cordless tool battery packs, drill bits, screwdriver bits, nut setters, and backing pads. You can also sell power tools accessories kits, which often contain a variety of power tool accessories in one pack.

7. Car accessories

Cars aren’t just for movement; they make a statement, and more people are spending money to make their cars look good. Some of the top-selling accessories for cars at the moment include car microfiber towels for scratch-free cleaning, car trunk organizers to keep things tidy, and car vacuum cleaners to get rid of sneaky dirt.

8. Pet supplies

Pets are family; our four-legged friends need supplies to remain active and healthy. There is an increased rate of pet adoptions, and the emphasis on treating pets like families has called for supplies like toys, dog beds, litter boxes, collars, and automated feeders.9 You can venture into a business that offers pet products and accessories catered to different pet types. If you have been considering selling products in the pet category, this is your sign to do so.

9. Wedding dresses

Many brides who will walk the aisle in 2024 will need a perfect dress. The wedding dress industry has a lot of income potential, as showed by market research that reported that the worldwide bridal gowns market will surpass $73.2 by 2030.10 It’s possible to tap into this market by starting your wedding dress business, especially if you’re passionate about fashion design or bridal wear. Buying from existing wedding dress suppliers or creating custom dresses can make this business work out. According to a fashion report, some wedding dress trends to look out for in 2024 include corset bodices, halter necklines, floral detailing, gloves, black wedding dresses, and catsuits.11

10. Fashion accessories

As long as humans continue to wear clothes, there will always be the need for accessories to spice up our looks. Top-selling fashion accessories to look out for in 2024 include t-shirts, sling bags, earrings, clogs, bodysuits, black stockings, hats, men’s leather belts, and embroidery wear.

Fashion accessories

Also, it’s essential to keep in mind that one of the things influencing consumers' choice of products is sustainability.12 If you’re considering this niche, look for sustainable fashion products like recycled apparel or organic cotton clothes.

11. Home products

There is no place like home. Home is an essential part of our lives, and people recognize the need to make it convenient. Also, about 12.7% of people work from home, with 28.2% working a hybrid model.13 The number of people who work from home is predicted to reach 22% by 2025 in the US.13

Why are we talking about this? Since more people spend time at home, they will keep looking for ways to improve their homes. From trash cans to decor, soft furnishings, wall art, and freezer organizer, selling home products will be one of the most popular products to sell online. Other popular products in the home category include candles, blankets, drinkware, and decor items.

12. Fitness products

Fitness is one of the growing trends in the world as more people are learning of its health benefits and more gyms are opening up. As the fitness industry continues to grow, so does the need for workout gear. Top-selling fitness products include yoga mats, knee braces, and resistance bands. Fitness products include sneakers, sweats, sports bra, swimwear, hoodies, and leggings.

13. Digital products

If you are not up to selling physical products, consider selling digital products like ebooks, courses, media, and other intangible goods in digital forms. Do digital products make money? Yes, absolutely! Consumers love the convenience and instant access that come with digital products. Consequently, digital products tend to make a lot of money.

In addition, digital products require little production costs, minimal inventory, and low distribution costs. Some popular digital products you can consider selling in 2024 include ebooks, online courses, subscription-based software, stock photos, website themes, and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

14. Tumblers

Tumblers are currently in trend due to increased outdoor activities and the need for attractive drinkware. Based on product type, the tumbler market includes stainless steel, glass, and plastic. Consider offering customized options to maximize your profit if selling tumblers.

Also, about 60% of people admit they have a form of attachment to their favorite mugs.14 Your business might just provide someone with their favorite mug! It would help if you also looked out for reusable water bottles, as demand for them has increased.15

15. Baby products

The revenue the baby product industry generates is a lot! Baby products refer to any product used for caring for a kid, and they’ll be one of the most popular products of 2024. According to a survey, the current market value of baby products is $214 billion and is expected to expand by 5.7% between 2023 and 2030.16 Some trending products in this category include carrier wraps, nasal aspirators, sound machines, diapers, strollers, and baby bottles. You should also note that there is a massive preference for high-quality baby products.

Six tips for selling popular products online

Follow these steps to set up your online business and sell popular products:

Six tips for selling popular products online

1. Identifying trends

It’s over to you to find trending industries and products for your online business. One of the best ways to find popular products you can sell is Google Trends. You can use this tool to track trends and find the most popular products to sell. Other ways to identify trends include social media, Trend Hunter, e-commerce site bestsellers lists, online forums, and Google Keyword Planner.

Identifying trends will help you find popular products to sell online. It will also help you determine market size, gaps, growth forecasts, and competition levels. You must know all these to differentiate yourself and run a profitable business.

If selling physical products seems overwhelming, consider selling popular digital products. Another option is dropshipping, which has lower barriers to entry. You can identify the most popular dropshipping products, find a product to sell, and launch your business.

2. Understanding your target market

Next, you need to identify your target audience and research what they are like. Are they students or parents, men or women, people working 9-5s, or CEOs?

One of the reasons you need to understand your target market is to help figure out the best way to reach them. Every year, $37 billion is wasted on ads because they don’t engage their target audience.17 Selling products to the wrong people can break a business, so you must identify who you should sell to. Also, understanding your target market helps you understand their pain points and how to address them.

Some tips to discover and understand your customers include running customer surveys, tracking your competitors' audience, and building multiple buyer personas.

3. Choose the right online sales channel

The next step in setting up your business is selecting a great online sales channel to showcase your products and reach your target audience. There are three primary options to sell online:

An online store

You can build your own online store. This involves creating a custom website for your business and integrating an e-commerce online store where you can sell to consumers.

E-commerce marketplaces

The second option is selling on established e-commerce marketplaces. Platforms like Alibaba.com, eBay, and Amazon offer the avenue to build a storefront and reach a pre-existing massive customer base.

Social media platforms

The last option involves selling on social media platforms like Instagram shops, Facebook Business, or Twitter.

We suggest a hybrid model where you have a presence on social media, your website, and another marketplace. This will help you increase your reach and multiply your sales.

4. Adopting effective marketing techniques

Figure out what to sell and who your target market is is only half the battle. An important thing to figure out is how you can promote and market your products to reach your target audience. Some effective marketing techniques are social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO. You can try out paid advertising to target a specific audience and reach a wider audience.

5. Utilizing social media platforms

Social media isn’t just for browsing photos and chatting with friends. It is also a great medium to promote your popular products and build a community with your target audience. Apart from the fact that social media lets you connect with your target audience, it also helps you sell directly to customers and advertise your products. For instance, you can set up an online store on Facebook and Instagram to showcase your products to users. Social media also allows you to run ads and work with influencers who can boost your brand awareness.

6. Maintaining excellent customer service

Ensure your customers experience fantastic service at every touchpoint with your business. Excellent customer service will keep your customers happy and encourage them to refer your business to others. Some tips for ensuring great customer service include fast response, clear return policies, automated assistance like live chats, and personalized experience.

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