How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make: A Tiered Analysis APRIL 29, 20247 MIN READ
How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make: A Tiered Analysis

Have you ever encountered the notion that spending all day playing video games won't lead to financial success? Twitch is defying that belief. Content creators within the gaming community have amassed significant wealth on this platform, and you can also claim a slice of that prosperity.

Twitch is a prominent video live streaming service primarily centered around video game live streams. Whether you prefer watching content live or on-demand, Twitch caters to both preferences. As a content creator, tapping into Twitch is essential if you aim to access its vast audience.

What Is The History of Twitch’s Growth?

Twitch's journey spans over a decade, originating from the platform, founded by entrepreneurs Justin Kan and Emmett Shear. After four years of operation, the gaming segment was spun off into TwitchTV. Early on, Twitch attracted millions of unique monthly visitors, swiftly ascending to the pinnacle of gaming and esports streaming platforms.

On August 25, 2014, Twitch made headlines with its acquisition by Amazon for a staggering $970 million in cash. Despite this milestone, the platform encountered challenges, notably in 2021, when a substantial data breach exposed sensitive information, triggering security concerns from Twitch.

Subsequently, Twitch drew criticism from the streaming community after announcing a reduction in subscription revenue for prominent streamers and prohibiting the simultaneous streaming of Twitch content on other platforms by gamers and content creators.

Despite these hurdles, Twitch's popularity continued to soar. Stream Charts provides real-time insights into Twitch's user base, revealing peak viewership surpassing 6 million and an average viewership of approximately 2.4 million across over 230,000 channels.

What Is The Earning Potential of Twitch Streamers?

Twitch streamers can earn from $3,000 to $5,000 monthly by streaming approximately 40 hours per week, excluding ad revenue. Earnings fluctuate based on viewer count, with over 1.1 million viewers estimated on Twitch at any given time. This has fostered a plethora of high-earning Twitch streamers. From modest channels to the elite, let's explore the spectrum of potential earnings.

Small streamers

Small Twitch streamers, those with modest followings, have the opportunity to generate a monthly income ranging from $50 to $1500, hinging on the size of their average viewer base. For instance, a streamer with around 50 consistent viewers might earn towards the lower end of this spectrum, while another with 200 or more viewers could find themselves closer to the upper limit.

Mid-tier streamers

Twitch streamers who have cultivated a somewhat larger audience have the potential to earn significantly more, typically ranging from $5000 to $30,000 per month, contingent upon their average viewership. For instance, a streamer with an average of 500 viewers might fall towards the lower end of this range, while another with over 5000 viewers could find themselves comfortably within the upper echelon.

Top-tier streamers

Top-tier Twitch streamers, those at the pinnacle of the platform, have the potential to amass substantial monthly earnings, ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 or more, based on their average monthly subscriber count. These elite streamers frequently boast tens of thousands of subscribers, each contributing to their income by an average of $2.50 per subscription. For instance, a streamer with 40,000 subscribers could feasibly earn $100,000 per month, while those with larger followings can surpass the $200,000 mark.

What Are The Factors That Influence Twitch Earnings?

The potential income attainable as a Twitch streamer exhibits a vast spectrum, ranging from nominal sums to substantial figures in the millions. However, this remunerative range is contingent upon various factors, namely:

  • Factors influencing a Twitch streamer's earnings include:
  • Streaming Hours: The amount of time dedicated to broadcasting on Twitch significantly impacts earnings. Consistently streaming for extended periods increases the likelihood of attracting viewers, subscribers, and donations, fostering a loyal audience base.
  • Content Quality: The caliber of content is pivotal in captivating and retaining viewers. Streamers who deliver engaging, entertaining, and interactive content stand a better chance of expanding their audience. For instance, when dealing with dropshipping products, selecting high-selling items enhances appeal,then you should select the best selling dropshipping products to sell.
  • Adherence to Twitch Policies: Adhering to Twitch's terms of service and community guidelines is paramount for maintaining a favorable standing on the platform. Violations can result in penalties, suspensions, or permanent bans, jeopardizing monetization avenues such as sponsorships and partnerships, especially on many famous online shopping sites. Compliance is also crucial for securing partnerships with notable online shopping sites.

How Twitch Streamers Make Money

Similar to other social media platforms, Twitch offers numerous avenues for streamers to monetize their content. These include:

  • Subscriptions: Streamers have the option to charge viewers a monthly fee for exclusive access to their channel, unlocking perks such as emotes and ad-free viewing.
  • Donations: Viewers can voluntarily send monetary contributions to streamers during their live broadcasts as a token of appreciation or support.
  • Bits: Twitch's virtual currency, Bits, can be purchased by viewers and used to interact with streamers through cheering, which involves sending animated emotes during streams.
  • Sponsorships: Brands may collaborate with streamers, offering payment in exchange for the promotion or use of their products or services during streams. For example, a gaming peripheral company might sponsor a streamer to showcase their latest equipment during gaming sessions.
  • Merchandise: Twitch streamers can further diversify their revenue streams through the sale of customized merchandise to their fanbase,entailing offering a range of branded products such as clothing, accessories, or collectibles featuring the streamer's logo, catchphrases, or designs. For instance, a popular streamer might sell branded apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, or hats adorned with their signature emotes or slogans through some popular ecommerce sites.

Ways to maximize your Twitch earnings

Apart from subscriptions, Twitch does not directly compensate streamers. However, streamers have diverse avenues to generate income, including sponsorships, affiliate links, limited advertising, and various alternative methods. One such innovative opportunity arises from the Brave browser and its pioneering Basic Attention Token (BAT) ecosystem, which provides Twitch streamers with an additional means of financial support.

For example, streamers can collaborate with brands for sponsorships, promote products through affiliate links, and earn revenue from select advertisements displayed on their channels. Additionally, streamers may explore alternative revenue streams such as merchandise sales, exclusive content offerings, or participation in special events.

How To Become And Manage Your Twitch Affiliate?

To qualify for Twitch affiliate status, aspiring streamers must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Accumulate a minimum of 500 total streaming minutes within the last 30 days.
  • Conduct broadcasts on at least 7 separate days during the preceding 30-day period.
  • Maintain an average viewer count of at least 3 individuals over the past month.
  • Garner a follower base of at least 50 users.

Upon meeting these prerequisites, Twitch extends an invitation to join the affiliate program. Achieving affiliate status unlocks various benefits, including the ability to monetize through Twitch Bits and Twitch Subscriptions. Additionally, affiliates gain access to a selection of new emotes, enriching the interactive experience for both streamers and viewers alike.

For instance, once a streamer meets the eligibility criteria and becomes a Twitch affiliate, they can start earning revenue from viewers who cheer using Bits and those who subscribe to their channel for exclusive benefits. Furthermore, affiliates can enhance viewer engagement by deploying a range of custom emotes, enriching the visual communication within their community.

Ways to manage the Twitch Affiliate payout?

To monetize as a Twitch affiliate, you must reach a minimum payout threshold of $100. Twitch implements a waiting period of 45 days for your account to accrue this amount. However, it reserves the authority to deactivate inactive accounts that fail to generate any activity for at least 12 months or haven't reached the $100 earnings threshold within the same timeframe.

Gaining a substantial follower base on Twitch is indeed a formidable task. While achieving affiliate status may pose challenges, it remains an attainable goal with dedication and persistence.


To thrive as a Twitch streamer, building a dedicated follower base is essential. Strive to qualify for the Twitch affiliate program as you expand your live streaming community. This is your stepping stone towards achieving Twitch partner status, which offers lucrative opportunities. While the journey to becoming a partner requires dedication, it's entirely achievable with perseverance. Join Brave as a Creator today and embark on this rewarding path!

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