2022 makeup trends you won't want to miss

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2022 makeup trends you won't want to miss

COVID-19 pandemic was an extreme time for many industries, including the beauty industry. However, the pandemic showed that the beauty industry is resilient, and “beauty” isn’t going anywhere.

From facemasks to lockdowns and social distancing, many people had fewer reasons to continue with their makeup routine. But that has changed in the post-pandemic era. Now, there’s a boom in the beauty industry, with many spending more on self-care and make-up products.

How did the pandemic influence the beauty industry, and what are the 2022 makeup trends? This article discusses that and more.

How has the pandemic reshaped the global makeup industry?

The beauty industry relies heavily on events and cultural shifts. One could say the pandemic triggered a cultural change in the beauty industry.

People were covering half of their faces with masks and attending online meetings, so many didn’t see a reason to wear makeup. For this reason, a lot of beauty companies saw a drop in their revenues.1 On the other hand, many people decided to go creative with makeup indoors and on social media, thus giving rise to many trends. Here are some effects of the pandemic on the global makeup industry:

1. Digital shopping continues to be on the rise

One of the most significant effects of the pandemic on the global makeup industry is how it changed the way people shop. Although people bought fewer makeup products, some beauty products and trends fared better than others.

Prior to the pandemic, more than 80% of makeup shopping happened in-store, but the pandemic made it necessary for many brands to set up digital shops. This makes it easy for consumers to continue buying their products, and now that we are in the post-pandemic era, people still prefer to shop online.

2. Eye makeup

There has been a massive influence in the beauty trends with more people into eye makeup. With the need for face masks, sellers of makeup products like lipsticks and foundations saw a decrease in sales. However, people seemed to spend more on a different segment of makeup products: eye makeup!

3. DIY

Another notable trend influenced by the pandemic has to be the DIY trend. Many beauty shops closed up, and consumers had to do things themselves. DIY nails, hair dyes, and skin care treatment are some top beauty routines people do on their own.

15 top makeup trends for 2022

The pandemic shaped the makeup trends last year and this year. For 2022, the top makeup trends are all about switching things up with less and sometimes, more. It’s about winged eyes, clear skin, glitters, and metallics. Here are the top trends for 2022 you shouldn’t miss:

2022 makerup trends

1. Skincare

While this isn’t a makeup trend, skincare is now an important priority for many consumers. A lot of people, both men and women, are buying more skincare products like moisturizers, serums, cleansers, and toners. So it’s no surprise that the skincare market is now to be $163 billion in 2022.2

2. Light bases

With many people now focusing on having smooth and healthy skin, they prefer light bases instead of the usual heavy foundations/concealers. Blending full foundation was the rave in the 2000s, but light bases are the vogue this year.

3. Natural look

Natural makeup is a thing, and it involves wearing very soft undertones so that it appears as though you have no makeup on. This may include wearing light foundation or concealer, faux freckles, ditching a lipstick for a lip gloss, or using soft-toned eyeliner.

Makeup artists now use fewer products to achieve a natural look instead of heavy makeup. Also, going for a natural look is probably the most effortless DIY makeup.

4. Diffused lips

As seen on the Spring 2022 runways, the k-beauty inspired diffused lips are predicted to be a makeup trend this year. Diffused lips involve using lipstick in a lighter way so that it only stains the center of the lip and fades towards the edges. It’s a subtle, natural, and effortless look best achieved by using a brush to apply the lipstick.

5. Shimmery eye shadows

Shimmery eyeshadows make the eyes pop out and beautiful. We will be seeing more of the glittery and shimmery eyeshadows this year, especially in fall. If you are willing to try something new, get some shimmers for bold, glittery eyes.

6. Bolded and underlined eyes

From the TikTok videos to the fashion runways, it’s hard to miss the trend of accentuating your eye shape with graphic liners. This trend is perfect in any color, including brown, green, blue, and of course, everyone’s favorite, black. The problem with underlined eyes is getting it right the first time, but that’s what makeup remover is for!

7. Y2K Glossy lips

Little is more, says the shiny lips for the Spring/Summer 2022 beauty trends! If you could use just one makeup on your face, then you should go for a lip gloss for a glossy shine. Meanwhile, gloss isn’t just for the lips anymore but also for the eyelids.

8. Iridescent eye makeup

From the indications on social media, red carpets, and movies, iridescent eye makeup is a top makeup trend this season. This is especially great for spring, and some makeup artists have termed this trend the “Euphoria” effect. After spending months at home, people are longer satisfied with boring or less. Where eye makeup is concerned, bright eyes and double-winged liners are set to take the center.

9. Skincare makeup hybrid

The newest trend is to use a makeup product with skincare qualities. Skincare ingredients like peptides, vitamins, and SPF are making their way into makeup like eyeliners, foundations, and more. It’s like killing two birds with a stone; you enhance your face and protect your skin.

10. Blush contour effect

Blush is back and with a bang! This year’s trend is about rocking blushed cheeks as a facial contour. Apply the blush to your apple cheeks and underneath to emphasize your bone structure to achieve this look.

11. Bold lips

Bold lips leave a maximum impact on your look. A plum lipstick, brown lipstick, or the famous red lipstick is all you need to rock bold, glamorous lips.

12. A luminous look

This year isn’t just about glossy lips but also shiny, glowing cheeks and eyelids. A shimmer across your cheekbone or eyelid will lift your makeup.

13. Double winged eyeliners

Pop culture sometimes influences makeup trends, and one can say that for the double-winged eyeliners trend. Popular HBO series, Euphoria, had their characters rocking the double-winged liners effortlessly.3 For this reason and others, this beautiful eye makeup is set to become one of 2022’s most trending looks.

14. Fluffy eyebrows

In 2022, there is an emphasis on natural, fluffy eyebrows. This is best achieved by shaping your brows and using brow products to sweep them softly. Another popular trend for the eyebrow is the colored brows like orange and red to achieve a futuristic look.

15. Blues and greens

Vibrant eye makeup is undoubtedly the biggest trend this season, as seen on the spring runways. Meanwhile, wearing a color palette like blue and green on your eyes is a great way to double up your look. Consider creating graphic lines in blue and green hues along your lashes.

Trending makeup products on Alibaba.com

It is quite satisfying to find the right makeup to create the perfect look. E-commerce stores like Alibaba.com have made it easier for top makeup artists and consumers to shop their favorite beauty products. Keep going for the trending makeup products on Alibaba.com you can use to recreate your favorite look.

2022 makerup trends

1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the rave currently. Everyone has heard of the effects of UV rays on their skin and is doing their best to protect their skin. There are different sunscreen brands, but everyone’s favorite is those that don’t leave behind white casts.

2. Eyeliners

Eyeliners and graphic liners are top products since they are needed to get winged and underlined eyes done. Eyeliners are available in different shades, colors, and forms, but the favorite seems to be Neon for the Spring runways.

3. Eyelashes

Eye makeup became a really big deal after the world realized we might be wearing face masks for a while. The people’s favorite eyelashes are the strip lashes that require no glue.

4. Eyebrow pencils

Oh yes, eye-everything is taking over the top trending beauty products on Alibaba.com and other platforms. Eyebrow pencils help create a fuller eyebrow and arch your brows for a hair-like look.

5. Lightweight foundations

The makeup trend this year involves ditching heavy, cakey foundations for lightweight foundations or tinted moisturizers. People assumed that foundations needed to be heavy to look good, but light foundations are dismantling this misconception. They are available in different shades and give a full yet natural coverage.

6. Foundation primers

Primers help make-up artists create a base before applying the makeup. It improves skin texture and serves as a canva before the makeup goes on. It’s available in different forms, so there is something for everyone.

7. Serums

Applying serums is becoming a vital activity before applying makeup. Whether you want to go bare face or makeup full, using serum is a way of treating your skin to beneficial nutrients. There are different options for serums, but vitamin Cs seem to be the hot topic in the skincare industry.

8. Lipstick and lipgloss

Whether it’s lip balm or lip gloss, or lipstick, Lippies always have a spot on the list of trending makeup products. There are plenty of options to choose from, so whether you want to highlight your natural lip color or add a color pop to your lip, you’ll have something for every occasion.

9. Face massager

With technology improvement, it was only a matter of time before innovative beauty products dominated. Innovative face massagers help with blood flow which improves the look of the skin. After a year of pandemic, people now prioritize pampering their faces, and it’s expected for products like face massagers to be on the trending makeup products.

10. Glittery eyeshadows

If there is one makeup product you will get in thousands on Alibaba.com, it’s the glittery eyeshadows. These products have a best-selling potential.

11. Mascaras

Mascaras are in vogue because they help volumize the lashes and lift your natural look without doing too much.

12. Blush

Blush adds colors and glows to the cheeks. It’s soft and comes in different shades for different skin colors. You can use the blush as a contour to accentuate your bone structure for a more defined look.

13. Brow gel

Brow gels help tint and shape your eyebrows easily. They are also the best product to achieve the natural, fluffy eyebrow look.

14. Cosmetic bags

Every makeup lover needs a kit to keep all their makeup products for safekeeping; that’s what cosmetic bags are for. They are available in different designs, colors, and sizes depending on customers’ preferences.

15. All-in-one makeup brushes

Again, every makeup lover needs the right brush to make magic on their faces. All-in-one makeup brush sets have every brush necessary to do makeup. There are different makeup brushes sets with options ranging for beginners and professionals.

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If there is one thing that the pandemic proved, it is that humans will always find a way to evolve, to survive. Now, post-pandemic, everyone is exploring new ways to express themselves, to express their beauty. This season is a great time to become a part of the beauty industry and sell to a wide audience while leveraging Alibaba.com.

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