15 latest search trends for home products

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15 latest search trends for home products

The past two years have been a change for everyone and everything, including the global home decor market. This is mainly because the pandemic shifted the way people view home, and for this reason, there is a high increase in consumers’ investment in home decor products. In this article, we go through the 15 top home trends and some best selling home products at the moment.

What's going on in the home industry?

From the growing importance of warmer palettes to the love of intricate furniture, there have been a lot of changes in modern home decor. People are getting bored of bland, plain, and overwhelming designs. Homes are getting personal again, with many homeowners opting for home products that speak to their personality.

Over the last 2 years, many people were stuck indoors, which means we paid more attention to the interior surroundings. Now people want a change; they want to inject their personalities into their interior decor. For example, many environmentally conscious consumers now prefer eco-friendly home products, which is one of the key growth factors that contributed to the home industry's global market.

Also, the surge in demand for soothing props, unique furniture, and new color palettes has increased the opportunities for professionals in the home decor industry. For this reason, there is a lot of cycling of home design trends, some out of style, and some are rolling in. This means if you are a home improvement professional or an interior designer, now is a great time to use information from the home trends to boost your business.

The adoption of home decor products is very high in developed regions like the US and Germany. Also, there is an increasing demand in emerging countries like China and India. These increased needs mean that a lot of expenditure is being spent on home decor. Meanwhile, in 2019, the global home decor market was valued at $616.6, and it is estimated to reach $838.6 by 20271. This means one thing, homeowners are spending on home improvements, and there will be an increased need for many home products as the year goes.

15 latest search trends for home products

Search trends for home products are pretty vast for 2022 as the way people want to decorate their homes have shifted. For one, we all want a feeling of renewal, and since more people now work from home, we want a space where we can comfortably sit in front of the laptop. From curved-shaped furniture to new color palettes and houseplants, the latest trends are all about comfort, coziness, and closeness to nature. Here are some of the trends for home products that you will see around 2022.

search trends for home

1. Houseplants

Perhaps it was the pandemic or the intense awareness of sustainability and climate change; many people have become connected to nature. That’s why it’s not surprising that more people continue to bring houseplants inside and outside the home. While many opt for natural plants that they grow and water themselves. Some go for artificial plants or a combination of both. It’s sometimes hard to notice the difference anyway.

2. Cork flooring

It seems cork flooring is back and maybe even better as it’s one of the top flooring search trends for 2022. Cork flooring is available in many hues, and its eco-credentials and thermal properties inspired many homeowners to choose the flooring tiles over others. With this type of flooring, there will be a reduction in energy usage, in utility bills, and that’s such a win for people who want to keep things eco-friendly.

3. 3D Arts

People are adding life to plain walls with 3D art, which will continue to be popular this year. With 3D arts, you can make walls bolder, more intriguing, and decorative; it’s no wonder it is still on the top trends after these years.

4. Bringing the office home

In 2020, a home office was a need for many people to get their job done and attend online meetings. Now, many people are looking for ideas to turn their space into a multi-use space so that asides from being a home, it can function as an office too. Many people are creating a mini workspace in their home, and likewise, many parents are creating a mini homework room for their kids.

5. Minimalism

A look at the home decor trends, and you’d know that everyone wants to spruce up their homes without having to do too much or buy too much. People are learning that they can live with less, and this has informed how they design their homes too. From multi-use spaces to warm colors and airy spaces, more people are enhancing their homes through minimalism.

6. Sustainable materials

People are becoming more environmentally conscious, which reflects in their choice of home decor. Now, people are paying more attention to materials used for their home improvements and renovations. From the kitchen cabinets to the sofas and appliances, homeowners want sustainable materials that pose no risk to their health or the environment.

7. Curved furnishing

From the curved backs of sofas to arched cabinets, there is no doubt that curvy furnishing is the new cool. After almost two years of the pandemic, homeowners have found out that there is something about curved furnishing that softens the room. People are setting aside modern, sharp edges and straight-line furniture for curved edges and rounded corners. Your curved furniture, whether it’s a chair, table, or shelf, your curved furniture will add elegance to the home.

8. Sculptural vases

DIY vases and vessels are fast becoming an essential part of furnishing for home interior design. For months now, this interior trend has dominated the home decor space, and there is no sign that it’s going anywhere soon. Now, vases and vessels don't just hold flowers but also double as art pieces. Most people showcase vases that take organic forms, abstract forms, and oddly shaped forms on their sideboards, shelves, and other parts of the home with or without flowers.

9. Curvaceous headboards

The bedroom is undoubtedly one of the essential rooms in the home, and something as simple as changing your bedhead can change the atmosphere of your room. Curvaceous headboards are the latest home trend that makes a statement to all bedroom decor schemes. There has been a shifting trend from the regular rectangular bed designs to curvy headboards in arches and waves.

10. Scalloped shapes

The scalloped shape is inspired by the sea, and it featured a lot in last year's home decor search trends. Known for its elegance and softness, sea shape and scallop edging make an excellent fit for almost all parts of the home, including the bedroom. Whether it’s a scalloped shaped pillowcase or a lamp with a scalloped edge, this chic design can manifest in the house in different ways.

11. Warmer colors

Gray and neutral shades are getting off people's home color, and now people are going for warmer, earthly colors like taupe, brown, and green. People are seeking comforting hues, and we should expect more warm colors and undertones in home design.

12. Zen

Creating a Zen space was the second most googled home decor trend of 2020 and last year. This isn't surprising as Zen bedrooms and workplaces are now popular everywhere. Although Zen is a form of Buddhism that originated in Japan, it’s now become a way of life where people strive to live a serene and peaceful life. Zen aesthetics include warm colors, soft floorings, calming lights, minimal decorations, and simple furnishing.

13. Transitional decor

The transitional decor is simply a combination of a traditional and modern home decor design. There are a lot of searches on this trend, and it only means one thing, homeowners want the cozy look of traditional decor without throwing out the refinement of modern decor. With so much that has happened around the world, it’s only normal for people to crave a sense of timelessness and coziness in their homes.

14. A shade of green

The home color of choice for 2022 seems to be soft green as many painting companies not only picked it as the color of the year, but many homeowners are also adding shades of mint green to their walls. This green is rooted in nature and emits a sense of calmness and connection to nature. In fact, Dulux2 unveiled a rich spring green as the color of 2022, and we aren't surprised it’s currently a top home search trend.

15. Flowing shape

The flowing shape trend explores fluid lines in spherical shapes, bringing a form of calmness. Online data shows that it is fast becoming a top trend in home decor searches. You can find flowing shape designs on rugs, wall arts, paintings, and other home products.

Trending home products on Alibaba.com

Homes received more attention and care over the last two years than in previous years. Now, many people want changes in their homes, and it’s no wonder there is an increase in the amount spent on home products. Alibaba.com offers a wide range of trendy home decor products, and here are some of the top ones.

search trends for home

1. 3D wall decor arts

Often when decorating, people neglect the wall but not anymore. 3D wall arts are fantastic ways to make the wall look great without breaking a bank. They are available in different varieties with many options to pick from.

2. Sculptures, vases, and vessels

From glass sculptures to vessels and vases, you will find intricate and simple designs perfect for your tables, shelves, and sideboards. Vases and vessels create a sophisticated and artsy look in the house, which explains why many people are investing in them.

3. Mirrors

A mirror is one of the oldest decorative pieces in the home interior. Although its original work is to reflect the person standing in front of it, it also works as an excellent interior style decor.

4. Hanging wall arts

You will find a variety of wall arts from trusted suppliers on Alibaba.com. Whether it’s a bicycle art, a handmade design, a wallpaper, or a mini shelf, there are many hanging wall arts to pick on Alibaba.com.

5. Faux plants

Some people want plants but do not want to go through the process of nurturing, watering, or growing a natural one. That’s why faux plants are popular home products, especially those who want something soothing and nature-grounded.

6. Home appliances

Home appliances are necessities, so you will always find them at the top of trending home products on Alibaba.com. From kettles to microwave ovens to the home theater, you will always find suppliers with nice home appliances for sale.

7. Pillows and throws

Pillows and throws make perfect cushioning in the living room. Depending on the color, size, and design you choose, they can also be entertaining home decor, especially on the sofas and couches.

8. Decorative bowls and plate

Whether it’s for the kitchen, the dining, or to keep your jewelry, decorative bowls and plates always look good in the home. Many people have caught up on the idea, thus making them popular decorative items on Alibaba.com.

9. Oil burners or diffusers

There are so many benefits of diffusing oils and scents, and home product suppliers on Alibaba.com have cottoned on to the idea, and now, you can find modern oil diffusers with stylish designs that work as home decor.

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