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MD Riam Sorkar
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Clothes Accessories
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France, Italy, Spain, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom
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Expand to global markets
"Our largest order on was T-Shirt & it sold in France. The quantity was 35000 pcs amount was USD 1,12,000 and we have been able to express ourselves to the whole world through Currently year-on-year growth in exports through is 30% and 90% business comes from"

Founded in July 2014, SARKAR EXPORTS embarked on its journey into the global marketplace as a manufacturer and exporter of high-quality garments. With MD Riam Sorkar at the helm as CEO, the company has grown to employ a dedicated workforce of 51-100 employees, all working towards a common goal of expanding to global markets.

In 2019, SARKAR's story took a transformative turn as they began their collaboration with at the invitation of's local partner Tradeshi Ltd. This partnership enabled SARKAR to showcase their capabilities to the world, attracting a plethora of foreign buyers and significantly boosting their foreign currency earnings.

Despite their early success, SARKAR EXPORTS faced considerable challenges. Initially lacking their own garment factory, they relied on outsourcing production, which often led to compromised quality and unmet promises. Disappointed customers and one-time orders threatened the company's reputation. Determined to overcome these obstacles, MD Riam Sorkar made the pivotal decision to produce all garments in-house, ensuring the delivery of export-quality products. This change not only rebuilt their reputation but also led to repeat orders and a thriving business, thanks largely to's platform.

SARKAR EXPORTS' reach spans across an impressive list of countries and regions, including France, Italy, Canada, the USA, the UK, Spain, and beyond. Specializing in T-shirts, Polo shirts, and hoodies, they have identified these items as key products in their overseas sales.

The largest order they secured on consisted of 35,000 T-shirts, which were sold to France for a total of USD 112,000. Annually, the company exports an estimated USD 223,000 worth of goods, with a remarkable growth rate of 30% through for the first half of this year and projected for the entirety of 2023.

SARKAR EXPORTS prides itself on an export rate of 80%, while the remaining 20% of their business is conducted domestically. E-commerce, particularly through, accounts for a staggering 90% of their total business, a testament to’s effectiveness in driving sales and growth.

The company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made a significant difference to both their clients and employees. With a focus on maintaining product excellence and upholding commitments, SARKAR EXPORTS believes in the power of perseverance and timely customer interaction to achieve lasting success on

SARKAR EXPORTS credits as an integral component of their business success, supporting their continuous expansion in the ever-evolving realm of global trade and he believes's local partner Tradeshi Ltd contributes to their good performance and success as well.

To new suppliers on, MD Riam Sorkar advises patience, prompt responsiveness to customer inquiries, and an unwavering commitment to product quality. He speaks from personal experience when he assures that adherence to these principles will lead to success, as it did for SARKAR EXPORTS.

This success story of SARKAR EXPORTS is one of determination, strategic adaptation, and a partnership with that transformed the fabric of their business, weaving a tale of international achievement and resilience.


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