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Sachin Agarwal
Sunrise Jewellers
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Trustworthy supplier wants to become world's largest

"Our company is in the jewelry industry and has been since 1999 although I have been in this industry since 1994. We are manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of silver, gold and diamond jewelry. We are also manufacture many other different kinds of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our vision is to become the world's largest gemstones & jewelry manufacturer, the number one company in our industry in the whole world.

We manufacture all kinds of jewelry like earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, anklets, toe rings, brooches, cufflinks and more. We have many advantages and we are already working with many different countries buyers and have very strong connections with them. We are a trustworthy supplier and our buyers are always happy with our product quality and services." gold supplier membership takes company to next level

"Before we hooked up with the Gold Membership we did have a successful company, however, we wanted to take the next step and expand our export interests and networks. We found it very difficult to promote our products to foreign countries without using an online platform and so we decided to try made the job a load easier especially when we joined the Gold Membership and found buyers waiting there to be supplied by professional suppliers. It's really friendly and is certainly the best was to find B2B buyers, we get many new inquiries every day. I've had a really good experience with the GGS membership. We have started to really achieve good growth. We have achieved growth on a month to month basis and are adding new buyers to our list all the time as well as getting many, many more inquiries."

First order came on the first day

"We have received so many special and impressive orders that it's difficult to remark on just one of them. Our first order was remarkable as we received the inquiry from the potential customer and then the order on the same day! That buyer is still one of our best customers and orders from us every month. I must say it was a surprise to get the order so soon after our first activation with the Currently 35% of all business comes from, also we have received over 2000 orders from 200 inquires per month to date.

If I was to use 3 words to describe the service I would say 'faithful, result-orientated, and expansive.' In the future we are sure to increase our investment in and my final tip is that If you want to expend your business on the international market place then is the best platform to start!"