M.K International transforms its age old B2B business the digital way with Alibaba.com

Mohd. Azim
M.K International
About the Company
M.K International
Kitchen & Tabletop
Company Size:
5 - 10 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
Southern Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
“From fax and email days to cold call days and even trying trade shows and our own websites, we had tried many ways to get our export business fly. Finally, the relentless efforts came to a stop when we joined Alibaba.com in 2011. In last 11 years, our business has grown multi-fold and finally we concentrate on our product line and business growth whereas Alibaba.com takes care of getting our products to the whole world of B2B buyers.”
- - Mohd. Azim, Owner, M.K Intl.


M.K International was started by Mr. Mohd Tahseen with meagre means in the small city of Moradabad India. He started this business because Moradabad in the 90’s was slowly building its identity as the brass city of India and at the same time Mr. Tahseen also had gained some experience of exports by working in an export house. However, by the time 2000’s arrived, there was fierce competition from local manufacturers and it was getting increasingly difficult to reach new buyers across the world with mediocre business profits. The business was stagnating when Mohd. Aziz, his son joined father’s business. Coming from the age of internet, he tried to utilize the boon on internet to solve his business problems. Cold emails, internet ad words, searching buyers online and reaching out to them, he tried multiple avenues to find genuine buyers. He continued his search on till 2011 across channels, platforms and also spent a lot of precious earned profits in visiting trade shows.


In 2011, he got to know about Alibaba.com as a platform and after serious deliberation, decided to take the annual gold membership. He saw some genuine inquiries in the early days and that triggered his interest. Mr. Aziz spent the next 3 months understanding how Alibaba.com works and how it is different from other channels he used so far. He could understand clearly that Alibaba.com is a trusted brand among global B2B buyers and therefore the trust buyers show to his firm M.K International as a gold supplier is far superior than the other avenues he tried. Mr. Aziz utilised the services of his channel partner and took all the trainings on product postings and key word analytics seriously.


11 years have passed since Mr. Aziz started his journey with Alibaba.com. Today his business has reached more than 15 countries and clocks a yearly revenue of INR 3 Crores. He now has 2 gold supplier accounts of M.K International active on Alibaba.com where he showcases different product lines. In his own words, Alibaba.com takes care of getting business for him and he now uses all the saved efforts on getting buyers, in building better products, in providing better service to his customers and in creating M.K International as a global brand from the Brass city of India, Moradabad.

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