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"For new suppliers, our advice is to get verified on Alibaba quickly and take your business up a notch. Joining Alibaba was a fantastic decision for us. Understanding Alibaba’s powerful tools like RFQ, Keyword Advertising, and Product Optimization, as well as responding to customers quickly, played a key role in our success. You can do the same for your company."
- Nayem Hossain, CEO of Maximo International

It was September 2009 when Nayem Hossain, the visionary CEO and Managing Director, embarked on a journey to make a mark in the garment industry with the inception of Maximo International. Starting with a modest team of 20, the company relied on traditional methods of international buyer acquisition. Despite the expenditure of thousands of dollars on trade expos, the outcomes fell short of expectations.

Recognizing the need for a strategic pivot, Maximo International joined in 2018 by the invitation of's local partner Tradeshi Ltd. and began operations following guidance from them. This pivotal move paid off handsomely within six weeks when the company secured its first order worth $8,560, proving the platform's effectiveness. As a previous buyer on, the company was familiar with its potential and now, as a seller, they reaped the benefits manifold.

The transformation was profound; from having only 2 regular buyers, Maximo International expanded to 24 active buyers from diverse markets, including e-commerce startups and large-scale retailers. A significant milestone in their journey was becoming a verified seller on, enhancing their credibility and multiplying their online visibility.

Today, Maximo International boasts a robust workforce of 256 employees and an inspiring success story of growth and resilience. With, they have maneuvered through challenges posed by wars, economic downturns, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Leveraging Alibaba's platform, Maximo International has promoted its "Made in Bangladesh" garment products to a global audience, securing a strong foothold in various markets.

The company's export achievements are nothing short of stellar:

In 2018, they reported an annual turnover of $324,119.

By 2019, the turnover surged to $770,886.

The year 2020 saw a dramatic rise to $5,670,337.

In 2021, they maintained a robust performance with $4,826,770.

Demonstrating resilience in 2022, turnover stood at $3,545,886.

The upward trajectory continued in 2023, achieving $3,944,233.

With a global export footprint spanning the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Peru, and the Middle East, Maximo International is a testament to the power of digital trade. Their largest order, with an invoice value of $1.66 million for PPE coveralls during the COVID-19 lockdown, was dispatched to The Netherlands, while their second-largest, valued at $1.25 million worth of ready-made garments, was sent to the United States in 2021.

The company's business model is a reflection of its international success, with approximately 85% of their business stemming from and a mere 15% from other sources. The decision to become verified on has been pivotal, attracting cross-border e-commerce buyers who value supplier credibility.

Maximo International's journey is a beacon for new suppliers on Nayem Hossain's advice to upcoming businesses is to get verified swiftly and harness the potent tools of the platform—RFQ, Keyword Advertising, Product Optimization—and the art of prompt customer response. His acknowledgment of and its local partner Tradeshi Ltd., as instrumental to their growth and expansion, underscores a partnership that has elevated the company to one of the fastest-growing exporters in Bangladesh.

For businesses yearning for similar success, Maximo International's narrative serves as an inspiring blueprint. It elucidates the transformative potential of and the strategic utilization of digital resources to conquer the global marketplace.


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