Korean supplier successfully adapts to the shift to online commerce with Alibaba.com

Min, Han
About the Company
Household Cleaning Tools & Accessories
Company Size:
101 - 500 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
US, UK, Germany, South America
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
Reach business buyers
“The current trend is shifting from offline to online commerce, where sellers can now introduce and sell their items globally and buyers can source high-quality products efficiently. This is why Alibaba.com holds such a significant position today. ”


SHINIL was established in 1977 and started its export business in 1982. A professional manufacturer of metal scrubbers and kitchen sponges, it has conducted business with numerous companies around the world.

Since SHINIL’s products are closely related to people’s daily lives, it currently focuses on using materials that can be safely thrown away in nature, such as sisal fibers and coconut shells. The rising demand for light dishwashing products due to the increase of single-person households and food delivery, paired with the recent trend of eco-friendly products, have led SHINIL to produce an exclusive green product line.


SHINIL believes that Alibaba.com is the most optimal B2B marketplace that connects buyers and manufacturers. After COVID-19, SHINIL had to consider other options to reach out to customers. Although Alibaba.com is zero-contact based, through the platform, SHINIL was able to understand buyers’ expected purchasing power, and use services such as live commerce, and online exhibitions. Moreover, it was able to access valuable and comprehensive data such as buyers’ reply rate, trading volume, and major trading countries.


With Alibaba.com, SHINIL was able to ride along the wave of online commerce, especially after the Pandemic. By exploring various features and functions on the platform, it has enjoyed a handful of proud moments and accomplishments. According to SHINIL, these achievements are especially memorable, since they are visible by data.

For example, as of June 2021, keywords related to the company’s coconut non-woven product were #scouringpad and #coconutscouringpad. However, when SHINIL changed the keywords to focus on popular search terms like #naturalscrubber and #ecofriendlyscrubber, the number of clicks, which was about 80 in June, increased to 480 in December. This was accompanied by an explosive increase in inquiries about related items, which reached 500% compared to June.

SHINIL strongly believes that Alibaba.com is beneficial to all sellers, regardless of prior experience. With systematic courses in trade and logistics, as well as an eager team of account-managing professionals, even new sellers without any know-how can easily adapt to the platform and online B2B commerce, they say. “I hope many sellers will take on the challenge and achieve great results on Alibaba.com, which has infinite potential.”

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