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Soonjung Kim
Business owner
Marketworld Co., Ltd.
About the Company
Marketworld Co., Ltd.
Skin Care & Tools(facial)
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Main Markets:
Middle Eastern Market, Europe
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
"I don't think it's ever too late. I believe that any seller can efficiently enter the global B2B market through's systematic AM service. We hope that many sellers will take on the challenge, achieve positive results, and move forward with us."
- Head of MarketWorld.

Company Introduction

Marketworld Co., Ltd. operates cosmetics OEMs and distribution as its primary business. We listen to our customers' values and constantly communicate with them to create the products they want. We also supply various quality cosmetics brand products from Korea at affordable prices. Now, as the globalization of K-Beauty accelerates, we strive to become the leader in the global beauty industry.

Current Situation

It took a lot of work to survive as a small and medium-sized company among numerous cosmetics companies in Korea. Even with our technology, standing out from the competition and maintaining the lead place was hard. We tried to shift our focus to overseas markets but struggled to find ways to generate new leads due to a lack of local market insights, which could potentially put our business at risk.

However,, the world's largest B2B ecommerce platform, helped us navigate through these difficult times. With's AM service, we can quickly post products and build a mini-site, allowing us to enter and showcase to the global market easily. The professional build-up of our mini-site, supported by a professional team behind the AM service, helped us gain the trust and favor of buyers in such a digital space, leading to exponential growth in sales revenue.

Success Path

Through the platform, we gained easy access to buyers worldwide. With the AM service, we earned a 3-star Star Rating (about to hit 5-star soon), one of's rating systems, which helped us gain trust and, therefore, get many inquiries from buyers. As a result, we began exporting to new regions, such as Africa and South America.



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