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Mr. and Mrs. Velusamy
Jai Cotton
About the Company
Jai Cotton
Home Textiles
Company Size:
51 - 100 employees
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Alibaba Years:
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Business Objective:
Expand to global markets
Reach business buyers


“We always wanted to set up our own business for our next generation and help 100 families in our hometown lead a stable life. We set up our manufacturing unit with limited capital and gained export experience by participating in international trade fairs. We faced many challenges with buyers offline. Therefore, we opted for a safe B2B platform like where we were exposed to genuine and worthwhile customers through a complete online business solution. Today, a small-scale setup that we set up by taking a loan of 2 lakhs each from both of our parents has turned into a 10-crore export business. All thanks to!”

-Mr. and Mrs. Velusamy, Founders, Jai Cotton


Mr. and Mrs. Velusamy wanted to earn a good future for their children. But their dream was much more than that. They wanted to do something bigger, something profound. They wanted to give a stable, happy life to the 100 families of Karur, a small town in Tamil Nadu not many people knew about. They had many challenges to face but still they didn’t give up. They took a loan of 2 lakhs each from both of their parents and started their manufacturing unit. They learnt the tricks of the trade by participating in international trade shows.

It was at the trade fair that they suffered a fraud from a potential buyer who didn’t pay them after shipment. Plus, they would not get any more buyers despite emails and phone calls. They were looking for a safe platform that could connect them to real, trustworthy buyers and that’s when came into their lives. English not being their first language also was a matter of concern. However, with such superior product range and quality, how could language be a barrier after all?


They found the solution to all their problems with After onboarding, our agents introduced them on how to use effectively. They were guided and trained through online training sessions and this paved way for their success. They got their first order within 6 months of onboarding and began their journey of global export. They had an aim to fulfil and came as a blessing for them. Star Ratings helped them win over the trust of their clients. They grew even stronger with our digital solutions.


Today, Jai Cotton, a small-scale setup they established by taking a loan of 2 lakhs from both their parents has turned into a 10-crore export business spanning across 8 countries across the globe. The company that started with just 2 people supports the families of 25 employees today. Isn’t that tremendous success? Mr. and Mrs. Velusamy gave all they had to their business, working diligently with As a result, Jai Cotton is progressing with flying colors each day. paved way for the success of their apparel brand.

Their success could be yours!

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