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Vinod Katyal
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Vinod Katyal founded KVR Intexx to follow his dreams. He wanted to export India's high-quality products to buyers around the world. Vinod started selling on because of its worldwide presence. Now, 80% of his business comes through, and he is in touch with buyers in over 40 countries.


We vision at satisfying small orders and bringing Indian manufactures to the globe

“I was in Estonia from 1997-1999, at that time in India, exporters only wanted to take orders above 10 lakhs, but importers in those countries could not import goods worth 10 lakhs. That is to say, there was a gap between what our exporters wanted to export and what importers wanted to import. After analyzing the market, I started my company, KVR Intexx, in 1999, with a vision of meeting requirements for small orders and bring Indian manufacturing to the global hub. I told importers, ‘whatever you need from India, I will provide’. This is what I called ‘Source from India’.”

Our company exports worldwide with Alibaba brings 80% of the business

“In 2004, I started selling on Alibaba, because Alibaba has a worldwide presence. I worked hard and started to get inquires through Alibaba. Overseas orders started to flow in and the export took off. I connected with a UK buyer who wanted to purchase Jute bags, and 1.5 lakhs of jute bags were exported. I received orders for woolen scarfs from UK universities as well, and thousands of them were exported. I also exported a lot of merchandise to sports clubs. Trust and reliability have been our unique selling points. We post a lot of products on our storefront, attracting many buyers and helping our business a lot.

80% of my business is through Alibaba. My journey with Alibaba has been wonderful these past few years. Our company has exported products like textiles to over 40 countries.

With profession, dedication and sincerity, you can fulfill dreams on

“Being an Alibaba gold supplier gives you a lot of freedom. Alibaba is one of the largest wholesale marketplaces, and has a presence in more than 180 countries and regions. Indian products have high quality, and we can export them all over the world, thanks to Alibaba.

You need to work professionally, with dedication and sincerity. Alibaba has turned out to be a good business partner, that has helped me grow my company and fulfill my dreams.”