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SORDIS, a well-established producer of alcohol in Russia

"SORDIS, founded in 1968, is a well-established Russian brand and one of the largest producers of alcohol in Russia. With strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we specialize in premium vodkas, bitters and sweet liquors, made from 100% locally sourced natural ingredients.

Our goal is to expand into the global market to share the natural flavors of Russia and promote Russian culture across the world. To do this, we need to partner with large distributors, and this is how we first came to use Alibaba.com. Originally, we were reliant on attending tradeshows, but we soon realized a more efficient method was needed."

Being a trustworthy marketplace, Alibaba.com helps SORDIS reach untapped markets

"As a marketplace, Alibaba.com attracts buyers and inspires confidence in the connections made through the platform. If we contact buyers directly, outside of Alibaba.com, we are more likely to get turned down, but by using the platform we have a higher success rate in generating new business as it helps to establish trust.

Joining Alibaba.com means that our brand is visible to more buyers, we can quickly reach untapped markets, and get important data on which of our products are most in demand. We’re also able to connect not only with large-scale distributors, but also with resellers and trading companies. This results in a variety of different business opportunities and the possibility for more long-term partnerships.

As a result of these advantages, 40% of our new customers now come from Alibaba.com, and they cover a wide range of countries. Recent business has come from China, Vietnam, Canada, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Armenia and Kazakhstan, among others.

Our largest order on Alibaba.com, since joining 1 year ago, was from an Indian buyer that imported 3 containers of goods (150,000 bottles). We have visited their company, and look forward to a long-term business relationship with them."

SORDIS learns and grows with ecommerce

"Working consistently and taking advantage of all the tools available on Alibaba.com is important for success. We always post quality product listings, respond to inquiries quickly. We participate in webinars and trainings, which help us to keep up-to-date on best practices and learn more about e-commerce.

We are very pleased with the number of new countries we now export to, and can confidently say we have achieved our goal of further expansion into the global market through using Alibaba.com.

Our next step for increasing business on Alibaba.com is to begin using the digital marketing tools on offer, in particular Keyword Advertising (KWA), and we’re very excited to see what can be achieved."

Their success could be yours!

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