2nd generation entrepreneur grows her business 10 times with Alibaba.com

Natasha Gogna
Managing Partner
Shri Krishna
About the Company
Shri Krishna
Home Storage & Organization
Company Size:
50 - 100 employees
Founded in:
Alibaba Years:
Main Markets:
Business Objective:
Expand to global markets


Shri Krishna International was founded in 1995 in the outskirts of Delhi, India and they were focusing on supplying their products to the local vendors. They had a production unit manufacturing all kinds of pet ware, barware, and other kitchen utensils. Long into the business, they realized that some of the local vendors are taking their product and exporting to some buyers outside India with a huge margin. At the same time in 2006, Mrs. Natsha Gogna also completed her studies and joined her father to take their business to the next level.


As a new generation businesswoman, she had an arduous task to prove herself in the manufacturing industry as well as to her family as a competent business heir. She tried many ways to get success with export trade- paid email marketing, ad words on the internet, countless trade shows, and cold calls to name a few. Nothing seemed to work wonders for her because of two main reasons- 1) The B2B buyers did not trust a new seller from elsewhere contacting them with better quality products 2) B2B export mostly worked with personal connections and it was very difficult to establish new connections for someone with no export experience. It is during her exploration for a better, long-term, and sustainable solution that Natasha came across Alibaba.com in 2014. It was like a dream come true as she could connect with the global buyers who trusted her company because they trusted Alibaba. She used all her skills to prepare and respond to RFQs diligently and at the same time started creating a strong product line posted on Alibaba.com.


Fast forward 7 years and today Natasha is selling in more than 20 countries. She has more than 10,000 premium products posted on Alibaba.com and also has increased her revenue by >10X that of the investment she has made on Alibaba.com. What started as a small business of 5 people in a small room has now grown to a big company with more than 120 staff.

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