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Kanhaiya Swami
DVK Handicraft
About the Company
DVK Handicraft
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Main Markets:
USA, UK, Europe
Business Objective:
Reach business buyers

1.Could you please briefly introduce you and your company?

My name is Kanhaiya Swami and I am the founder of DVK Handicraft. My vision is to globalize DVK Handicraft and maintain uttermost quality and also to satisfy my customers. I intend to make DVK a global brand.

2.What motivated you to become an Alibaba.com Gold Supplier?

I wanted to expand my business globally and so I conducted some research. I soon realized that Alibaba.com is the only way to reach customers from all over the world digitally.

3.How's your business performance?

The annual turnover of DVK is INR 20 million, my main markets are Australia, USA, UK, Europe and Asia.

Although I have only been with Alibaba.com for 1 year, the revenue contribution from this channel is approximately 20-22% of the annual turnover.

We do get many inquiries now on daily basis and 70% of these were converted to customers.

We also do business on other e-commerce platforms. However, if we compare the starting year performances it shows that we get better results from Alibaba.com.

4.What's is the profile of your customers?

They are trading companies, distributors or perform direct sourcing. 80% of the companies have matched our expectations.

5.Who is the most memorable buyer that you have met from Alibaba.com?

Customer's speak positively of our work, not us. This is the primary consideration for a company because customer satisfaction is our top priority. When our customer receives the order, they share their reviews and experiences with us.

6.How has the Star Rating contributed to your success on Alibaba.com?

The Star Ratings help us to know where we are currently and where we have to aim for. Accordingly, we work to improve the performance of our Star Rating to get good results.

7.What, in your opinion, is crucial in terms of achieving success on Alibaba.com?

What is most crucial in terms of achieving success in Alibaba.com is product listing and providing a fast response. We spend time perfecting our account, we study it well and most importantly take guidance from our account manager Mr. Vikash.

8.Could you share advise to future sellers on how to emphasize product posting quality?

Product posting is a very crucial part in attracting a sale. If your listing is good and detailed you will get good genuine inquiries. We have appointed 1 main to be in charge of product posting. As reported at the webinar, when we started we got less genuine inquiries because of poor product posting. Later we improved upon it and received better results.

9.Could you share advise to future sellers on how to emphasize quick responses to inquiries?

Quick responses not only improve our platform's performance, but also help us to coordinate with the buyer on time, this gives us a better output. We have appointed 2 people to respond to inquiries.

Buyers show signs of satisfaction when we reply to their inquiries on time.

10.Could you share advise to future sellers on Keyword Advertising Tool?

The KWA tool will help you to increase your inquiries as well as increase the platform's performance. It also helps to increase the star rating from 3 star to 4 and then to 5.

His success could be yours!

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