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Instant Noodles

No.1Last 30 days Halal Instant Noodles Supplier Chinese SINOMIE Brand Yum Yum Chicken Flavor Quality Instant Noodles

No.2Last 30 days Best Selling Korean Ramen Noodles Samyangg Buldak Hot Chicken Cream Carbonara 130g / Korean Hot Chicken Ramen Samyangg Noodles

No.3Last 30 days Samyang Buldak Cream Carbonara Hot Chi-ken Flavor Ramen Stir-Fired Noodle 140gm

Instant Rice

No.1Last 30 days Instant brewing instant rice fast food box

No.2Last 30 days Korean Style Rice Cake Spicy Rice Cake 160g Box Gauge 24 Fresh and Soft Household Vegetarian Simple Rice Cake Sticks

No.3Last 30 days Wholesale MRE Ready To Eat Rice Emergency Food MRE Rations self heating meals mre meals ready meals