How 2022 trends release help sellers optimize their business plans on MARCH 25, 20229 MIN READ
How 2022 trends release help sellers optimize their business plans on

As one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing sectors globally, the B2B e-commerce market is incredibly fluid. It’s constantly in motion, primarily due to changing buyer preferences, supply considerations, and pricing fluctuations.

Knowing the market inside out can provide an edge for your online store in this rapidly evolving landscape. That’s where staying on top of current trends and closely monitoring evolving market conditions is key.

During March Expo 2022, will be unveiling the top trends and market movements that sellers should monitor this year. This article explains what to expect from the 2022 trends release and the strategic advantage of following these trends.

What is 2022 trends release on

Trends release is one of the B2B e-commerce tools and tailored services that supports buyers with.

Trends release on is a yearly update that provides critical insights into B2B buyer demand. It is based on real transaction data collected and analyzed over several months of sales on the platform.

2022 trends release is structured around four product categories: Sustainability, Smart, Lifestyle, and Health. Demand for products in these categories has skyrocketed, with new stock being added more than five times faster than other products on the platform by 2021 end.1

As the world’s largest B2B marketplace, sees a lot of transactions every year. This puts the company in an ideal spot to learn and understand buyer trends and changing preferences – not just in one country or region but also worldwide.

The developments detailed in the 2022 trends release also represent wider movements in global e-commerce. For instance, according to Gartner, demand for augmented and virtual reality products and services has exploded recently.2 More buyers will shop using this medium, and they will seek goods that let them experience the metaverse.

2022 trends release recognizes this market movement. One of the core categories focused on this year is Smart products, and virtual reality goods are a prominent sub-category on the trends release page.

Overall, as suppliers organize their business for the year, trends release provides the planning support they need for a profitable year.

Why sellers should keep their eyes on the latest trends release

trends release

Savvy sellers know that planning is critical to success, and anticipating the market is indispensable to good planning.

Learning about the latest trends, understanding their impact on the market, and distilling their implications for your company is a standard business practice called trend analysis.3 With trend analysis, you’re monitoring market directions and adapting your business strategy accordingly.

Business functions like marketing, sales, and operations require knowing and understanding the latest trends. For instance, current trends will dictate the products you stock, the sellers you target, and how you market to them.

Crucially, trend analysis is critical in modern business times, which are highly fluid and disruptive. Since market volatility is a constant theme in today’s business world, carefully watching trends can be vital to success. Your business can better navigate market changes and secure the strategic advantage that clear insights bring.

Here’s a summary of the top benefits of trend analysis for e-commerce businesses:

  • Anticipate buyers: A seller’s greatest advantage is knowing exactly what buyers want and stocking those products accordingly. trends release gives you a peek into your customers’ minds so you can move forward with certainty. Whether you’re a manufacturer or use for wholesale e-commerce, you’ll gain the buyer insights you need to plan profitably.
  • Plan properly: Knowing what your buyers want will do wonders for your business planning and resource allocation. You can provision manufacturing resources, make sourcing decisions, and organize your supply chain to meet those buyer needs. Do you need to turn production focus to a specific product category? Learning the latest trends will help you make that decision.
  • Remain relevant: E-commerce is notoriously trend-driven, meaning buyers typically want to experience the latest goods and experiences. As a result, companies that can meet these trends and anticipate customers are the ones that will attract buyer attention.
  • Exploit opportunities: Monitoring trends can disclose market opportunities, whether that’s a chance to establish your business model or take advantage of a lucrative side gig. You can see what products are hot and which ones are not and reliably decide where to apply your business resources next.
  • Gain strategic advantage: The future belongs to businesses that see what others don’t. By paying attention to market trends and evolving buyer tastes, you gain the tools to formulate business strategies and make long-term decisions. You can take advantage of these insights to establish early dominance in one category or market.

Ultimately, learning and understanding e-commerce trends provide the support you need for business planning and strategy. But in what ways do known trends contribute to good business planning?

How 2022 trends release helps sellers optimize their business plans

trends release

Traditionally, a business plan seems like what you’d prepare when you want to start an enterprise. You probably created one at the outset of your online business to help clarify your dreams into actionable goals.

But, business plans are more than just a one-off document. Experts advise that annual business plans are vital for consistent company growth.4 So, you shouldn’t only make a strategy document when you’re starting your store; it’s excellent practice to have one every year.

Your business plan is critical to your company’s yearly e-commerce strategy. It includes projections relating to what, where, and how you intend to sell, how operations will be structured, and your corporate goals for the year.

Considering this, it’s easy to see how insights from trend analysis can aid intelligent planning. For example, with the 2022 trends release, you can identify the biggest opportunities for your business this year and work smartly to exploit them.

Some of the essential functions you’ll consider as you plan with the trends release include:

  • Operations: Operations cover every aspect of carrying out your core business. This includes supply chain management, inventory management, infrastructure, manufacturing facilities, warehousing, etc.

    With the trends released as your guide, you can better forecast the quantity and quality of raw materials to source, incorporate modern production methods, or bake evolving standards into your goods. Likewise, trend analysis will help you forecast demand to adequately plan for warehousing space and other strategies for managing inventory.

  • Marketing: Production is wasted without a credible plan to get your goods into consumers' hands. Marketing planning incorporates strategies to generate buyer interest in your products, and deep knowledge of current trends will be vital.

    By leveraging insights into evolving buyer preferences, you’ll gain wisdom on how and where to present your goods. More crucially, you’ll learn those hot button topics surrounding specific goods and how they are significant to buyers, and create your marketing copy and strategies accordingly.

  • Sales and customer fulfillment: While marketing helps attract buyers to your products, sales is how you satisfy them. And that includes understanding evolving trends in customer fulfillment, such as new preferences for shopping, payment, and delivery. For instance, certain trending products are tied to specific delivery formats.

    With technology trends, smart products are rapidly becoming fast-moving goods, so buyers will expect shorter delivery timelines. Likewise, products in the sustainability category are expected to go all out in terms of environmental awareness. That could mean being deliberate with your packaging so buyers can be fully immersed in your green approach.

  • Customer service: Most of your planning in terms of customer service concerns being prepared to offer first-rate support. Trending product categories will also come with multiple buyer concerns and issues. You should be prepared to provide the after-sales support that your customers will demand as part of an involved buyer process.

    Also, recognize that in B2B sales, transactions are typically relationship-based. So, how well you serve your customers will largely dictate your chances of repeat business and buyer loyalty.

    Some strategies you can consider include training your support personnel on common buyer concerns with trending product categories. What are the frequently asked questions with those items? What are the most common after-sales services those goods will require?

  • Administrative: As you plan for customer-facing functions like sales, marketing, and customer services, the 2022 trends release will also aid backroom planning. Since trends tell you what products are in demand, it also informs your capacity to supply those goods. You’ll be better positioned to assess production expertise and make the necessary hiring or partnership decisions promptly.

    Likewise, you can plan for overhead using the trends release since it helps provide insight into your financial strength and whether that needs augmenting. You can evaluate if you need to seek capital as part of your preparation to stock trending items or if your current finances will suffice.

How to use 2022 trends release on

Taking advantage of trends for business success requires strategic thinking. It’s unlikely that all of the insights in the 2022 trends release will apply to your e-commerce business. So, it makes sense to carefully study the market movements and decide which ones are most relevant for your business.

Here are a few tips to help as you study this year’s trends and position your business to take advantage:

  • Consider if the trends relate to your usual business and the goods you typically sell. If they don’t, ask if the trends provide a lucrative opportunity that you can utilize without overstretching your business.
  • Determine if the trends showcase products that can provide a return on investment for your business. Preferably, the items should enable a healthy profit margin after production costs and other deductions.
  • Next, ascertain that you have the production capacity to carry the new products. This includes considering whether you have the expertise, facilities, and sourcing opportunities for an extended production run.
  • Verify that you have the means to reach and satisfy customers that will need those trending products. Your work here includes ensuring that you have a clear target market, a way to reach them, and an effective logistics structure to satisfy your buyers.
  • Lastly, ensure that you can handle after-sales service and ongoing support. Buyers value suppliers that set out to provide an organic experience that proactively considers customer needs. So make sure you have the capacity to deliver a stellar experience.

Sell on

Online B2B selling can be challenging due to shifting market conditions and buyer tastes. But with the 2022 trends release, you can gain the insights to preempt buyers and position your business for success.

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