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How to Buy Wholesale Dog Food -

Dogs are significant pets for humans. Recent data showed that 63 million American households have at least one dog in their home.1 One of the responsibilities of caring for a dog is feeding them, which makes selling wholesale dog food a lucrative business. With the increasing rate of pet ownership, surges in pet food sales, and popularity of online shopping, the pet food industry represents one of the best opportunities for business owners.

In this article, we look at some benefits of getting into wholesale dog food and a step-by-step guide to buying dog food in bulk.

What is wholesale dog food?

Wholesale dog food involves buying dog food in bulk at a discounted rate from wholesalers or suppliers. After you buy wholesale, you can sell to retail dog food sellers or dog owners at a unit price to make a profit.

Before you start any business, you have to determine whether it’s profitable or not. The good news is that the pet business is very lucrative!

According to data, a typical dog owner in America spends about $1,380 on dog expenses yearly.2 One of the major expenses is food, which means every dog owner spends a significant amount of money on feeding their dog food. According to Fortune Insights, the global pet food market size was valued at $110.53 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow to $163.70 in 2029.3

Some of the factors that contribute to the booming of the pet industry include the following:

  • Increased pet ownership

    One of the major driving factors of the pet food industry is the increased rate of pet ownership worldwide, especially in developing countries.

  • Humanization of pet

    It’s also important to note that there is a trend towards humanizing pets, so many dog owners treat pets as family members. This means many prioritize providing quality food and nutrient-rich diets for their dogs. Dog owners are getting selective about the type of food they give their pets, so it’s essential to offer quality and diverse food options to meet customers' needs.

    Humanization of pet

  • The boom of the e-commerce pet market

    One of the benefits of selling dog food online is that most pet parents buy pet food and treats online. Selling online offers you the competitive advantage of attracting more customers and offering a comprehensive selection of pet food.

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Advantages of buying wholesale dog food online

Purchasing wholesale dog food as a small business owner or retailer allows you to get goods in large quantities and at a discounted rate. Let’s go through how buying dog food wholesale can benefit you:


The most obvious advantage of online wholesale dog food is profit and cost. If you decide to purchase wholesale, you will get dog food at lower prices than you usually get from a local store. This is because buying in bulk is always cheaper, which means more savings for your business. Additionally, bulk buying will boost your profit and stretch your budget as a business owner.

Online processes, less hassle

Also, buying online saves you the cost of going from one physical shop to another in search of dog food. Just a single search of wholesale dog food on platforms like will bring you hundreds of results. In addition, wholesalers often have a convenient ordering process and delivery systems, which makes buying wholesale dog food online easier, quicker, and safer. You don’t have to deal with complex supply chains and an uncomfortable logistics system; this is a win for business owners who would instead focus on other activities.

Buy less frequently

Another advantage of buying wholesale is that you can go for an extended period without restocking your inventory. This is advantageous because it helps organize your inventory management.

Quantity assurance

Purchasing from a wholesaler assures you that you’re getting quality dog foods. Wholesalers usually source their products directly from manufacturers or verified suppliers, which reduces the chance of them having counterfeit products. Also, wholesalers rely on having excellent reputations to run their businesses, so they put effort into controlling the quality of their products.

When you buy from wholesalers, you can rest assured that you are purchasing high-quality products that will meet the needs of pet parents.

quality assurance

Variety of options

Buying wholesale dog food allows you to find a wide selection of dog food at the click of your phone. Wholesalers often sell various products from different manufacturers, which you might not find in a local retail store. Because of multiple options, you can also choose what to buy based on price, preference of dog owners, and quality.

A step-by-step guide to buying wholesale dog food

The simplest way to buy wholesale dog food is to buy online. The steps and processes of buying from a wholesaler may get overwhelming, especially if you are a new business owner. Don’t fret. Here is a step-by-step guide to buying wholesale dog food conveniently:

Step 1: Research the market

Before buying wholesale dog food, you must learn more about the pet food industry. This is important because it helps identify your target audience, reliable dog food brands, trustworthy wholesalers, and your competitors in the industry. Also, you need to know the trends in the industry, like the most popular dog food types, to meet your customers' needs.

Step 2: Select reliable wholesale suppliers

Searching for a reliable wholesale supplier can be challenging because so many exist. A good idea is to start your search on an organized B2B marketplace like, where you can narrow your search according to budget, MOQ, and location.

One of the things to look out for when selecting a wholesaler is reliability. It’s crucial to conduct accurate research to make sure your intended suppliers are reputable, reliable, and trustworthy.

Select reliable wholesale suppliers

Step 3: Compare prices and quality among suppliers

The aim of buying dog food in bulk is so you can sell it at a higher price to make a profit. Make sure you choose a supplier that sells at a cost that will allow you to meet your targeted profit margin. The advantage of buying online is that you will find a wide selection of suppliers, so take your time to compare their prices. You should also compare quality by checking reviews, certifications, and badges.

Step 4: Check for compliance with food standards

Don’t buy from wholesalers who don’t have a certification that shows they comply with food standards. As mentioned earlier in this article, pet owners care a lot about buying quality food for their dogs, so stocking poor-quality food won’t be good for your business.

Step 5: Negotiate and place your order

Once you’ve found a trustworthy wholesaler, contact them, introduce yourself, and place your order. Remember that it’s okay to negotiate, so don’t be afraid to ask suppliers to give you a discount. Be fair and reasonable with your negotiations to get a good deal and maintain a great relationship with your wholesalers.

Before your goods arrive, ensure you have an organized place to store them. Pet food has storage standards, so keep them cool and dry.

Potential risks and pitfalls when buying wholesale dog food

Buying wholesale dog food online has many advantages, but some risks are involved, too. You should take note of the following risks so that you have an idea of how to protect yourself:

Quality concerns

Buying online means you can’t control what shows up at your door. Some unreliable wholesalers can send fake or damaged goods. An excellent way to confirm your wholesaler's quality is by checking reviews from previous buyers. You can also ask for a license that proves they are a verified supplier of their dog foods.

Also, ask your wholesalers about their dog food products. Wholesalers who can’t answer questions about their products probably offer subpar quality or just don't care. Both of these qualities in a wholesaler are red flags. Considering buying through a B2B marketplace that takes quality and customer service issues seriously would be best.

Legitimacy of the wholesaler

Searching for a dog food wholesaler can be a gamble because not all B2B e-commerce sites verify their sellers. You might not always know if a seller is legitimate or trustworthy, which might affect the quality of goods bought. Try a B2B marketplace like with strict standards to find legitimate wholesalers.

Storage issues

Buying in bulk will save you costs but will cost you a lot of storage. The more dog food you buy in bulk, the more space you need to store them. If you have a physical store, this might not be a problem. However, if you sell online, storage might be a problem. Before you know it, your room has become a mini-warehouse full of dog food.

An excellent way to solve this issue is by considering dropshipping, where the wholesaler stores your inventory until a customer orders from you. You can also consider having your warehouse, especially if you have plans to handle large-scale orders.

Storage issues

How to market your wholesale dog food business on doesn’t need an introduction. It’s one of the names you mention when discussing top B2B marketplaces. The great thing about the giant eCommerce platform is that there is room for all kinds of businesses, especially the pet food business, which is a big niche. You can increase sales, grow your business, and expand into international markets.

Here are some marketing strategies that can help promote your wholesale food business on

1. Get verified badges that prove your legitimacy

Having your company verified by will give potential buyers trust in your business. Many people who buy online are wary of buying from an unreliable supplier. However, the platform has put some measures, such as verification, to build customers' trust. Buyers on would rather buy from a Verified or Gold Supplier than an unverified supplier. So, take your time to verify your account so that your dog food business can attract customers.

2. Optimize product listing

Your online storefront should look appealing to potential buyers and encourage them to buy from you. You will get a free online storefront on, but it’s your responsibility to share high-quality images of your products with detailed descriptions. Well-optimized product listings will increase your ranking in search results.

3. Respond to customer queries and RFQs

A verified seller store and optimized product listing will help you reach a wider audience. But, efficient communication with potential buyers will encourage them to buy from you. A report from showed that businesses that respond to buyers’ messages within four hours get a 30% higher follow-up response.4

4. Use necessary keywords

A brilliant way to boost your organic ranking on search results is by incorporating keywords related to the dog food industry. What do you think potential buyers will type on the search bar when looking for your products? Identify these phrases and keywords and include them in your product listings.

5. Leverage’s support and marketing tools offers marketing tools like keyword advertising, ads, and order management to help business owners connect with a broader audience. Investing in these tools can help you reach more pet parents looking to buy dog food.

Additionally, you can activate the Trade Assurance feature to help provide a secure payment platform. Buyers are likely to buy from a store with a Trade Assurance badge because will act as a mediator in case of any problem.

Sell on

Selling on can be very profitable. It’s even better if you sell products like dog food with a high demand in the market. is also optimized to help you sell to international markets, receive payments through multiple methods, and advertise to a wider audience. Once you have your goods, list your products on your storefront, and use support tools to promote your business, you can sell on with confidence.

To get started, sign up on as a seller, set up your company profile, list your products, and use tools to increase your customers. Pet owners are waiting to buy from you!