How SMEs can benefit from Free Membership SEPTEMBER 01, 202210 MIN READ
How SMEs can benefit from Free Membership

One of the primary goals of every business owner is to find more customers and make more sales. To do this, you need to figure out the best ways to reach your customers; that is where an e-commerce marketplace comes in.

The good news is that you can access one of the biggest global e-commerce platforms for free as a seller. is a global e-commerce company that offers free membership for business owners. In this article, we discuss free membership for and how to benefit from it as a business owner.

What is Free Membership on

If you are familiar with, you’d know the e-commerce platform offers different membership packages like Gold supplier, Verified supplier, and Trade Assurance. This membership comes with various features to help SMEs use to boost their business growth.

However, also offers a free membership option for sellers to use the B2B e-commerce marketplace for free (for a period of time). With the Free Membership on, you do not need to pay anything to use the e-commerce platform. All you need is to register for an account, activate your membership status, and you will be a free member.

Benefits of Free Membership on

Free Membership on is not only free to use but also comes with specific features to improve your standing as a business owner. Some of the features and benefits that you can get from the Free membership platform as a seller include:

1: Scan supplier online storefront features

One of the benefits of the free membership of is that you can scan the features of the supplier's online storefront. This makes it easy to understand how the storefront works and how to create your own taking advantage of the features and available tools.

2. Try out the free private domain product posting feature

Posting your products is one of the first steps to gaining business opportunities if you are going to sell online. It is based on the products you upload that you can influence potential audiences to buy from you. offers a product posting feature for up to 30 days and 50 product postings. This feature lets you see what your product display would look like on and lets you post 50 products for free so that you can know how the Alibaba storefront can help promote your business.

Some other intelligent features of the product posting include;

  • Leverage bulk posting to save you the time and stress of uploading
  • Smart Diagnosis System to indicate the quality of your product based on the information you provide.
  • Multidimensional display of products through photos, videos, and templates
  • Free customer support

To post your products with the free membership, all you need is to register an account, fill out some information about your business and apply for the free posting feature. will send you approval, and you will get a 30-day free posting trial.

Alibaba Free Membership

3: Build your skills through the learning center

One of the things that make different from other e-commerce is that it offers resources to help sellers grow their business and improve their skills. The learning center has a variety of free courses and resources to help you build knowledge in your niche/industry, understand your buyer, get familiar with business tips, and improve your skills in setting up an e-commerce store. With the webinars to the success stories and courses available on the learning center, it becomes easier to establish yourself as a business owner and a seller on

4. View industry trends and report

Keeping up with trends in your industry as a business owner is one of the best ways to learn new ways to be efficient in your niche. By understanding your market size, latest trends, top buying countries, and more, you can identify what works for your business. Also, this makes it easy to adapt and survive in the changing business environment.

The good thing is that's free membership lets sellers view industry trends and reports to help you scale up. Whether you are in the food & beverage industry or apparel, or construction industry, you can learn more about trends in your business with a quick search.

5: Help you decide if you want to commit to the platform

There’s nothing more annoying than spending money on a platform you thought would help your business only to end up being a failed investment. A significant benefit of free membership for is that it helps you browse and try out some of the features the platform has to offer before you commit to it. This way, you can be sure of what you are investing in and figure your way around the e-commerce site.

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What is My Alibaba?

My Alibaba, also known as MA, is the free membership platform where you learn how to use, manage your site, post products, use the suite of tools, etc. Once you register for an Account for your business and activates your account, you will have access to the My Alibaba workbench.

Key functions of My Alibaba

My Alibaba is useful for users who want to find their way around selling and getting the best of Some of the key functions of this backend include:

1: Build a website

A website is a digital identity that promotes you, positions your business as legitimate, and makes it easy for potential customers to find and do business with you. With My Alibaba, you can create a website and storefront within the marketplace to reach a global audience and list your products. The best part is that you don't need any design or coding skills to build a website for your business on

2. Store and product data monitoring

Store and product data monitoring involves collecting information to analyze the performance of a product or a store towards meeting its strategy. This is an impressive function for business owners to get insights into metrics like consumer buying habits and product performance. has analytics tools built to understand products that perform best, monitor your competitors, conduct price and demand analysis, and so on. With this data monitoring dashboard, you can improve your business marketing strategy and make data-driven decisions that improve your business.

Alibaba Free Membership

3. Conduct product and keyword search analysis

Keywords are one of the most strategic ways to promote your business right to the screen of your target audience. Using the right keywords makes it easier for customers who need your product to find you online.

With, you can discover relevant keywords you can use to optimize your product postings and rank higher in search results. The keyword search analysis is helpful to get more data about your buyers’ habits and industry trends you can use to optimize your product descriptions and storefront.

Also, the keyword research tool lets you:

  • Search for keywords by category (i.e., based on your industry)
  • Find keywords in trends for the past 7 to 30 days
  • Browse most searched keywords by buyers
  • Find synonyms and related keywords you can use to capture more customers and
  • Identify the top regions and countries of potential buyers.

After keyword research, you can take advantage of keyword advertising options to improve your product visibility by targeting strategy keywords.

4. Message management with the buyer

One of the critical parts of online business is communicating with your buyers and potential customers. Alibaba message management makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers, manage orders, reply to inquiries, and offer deals to make them interested in your product.

Start Selling on is a leading e-commerce platform that lets small and medium-sized businesses sell to a variety of global customers through one platform. With, sellers can improve their business growth by:

  • Creating a functional website without knowledge of coding or design
  • Post your products on your storefront to improve visibility
  • Take advantage of digital marketing tools like keyword search analysis to boost your business presence
  • Learn and sharpen your skills in business and marketing through the learning center
  • And reach a global audience from different parts of the world ( has over 140 million customers in different countries).

Register as a member on and start a free trial on My Alibaba to get started in this global marketplace.