25 beach gear trends for summer 2022

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25 beach gear trends for summer 2022

One of the proven sales strategies for B2B sellers is to offer profitable goods. By selling profitable goods, it becomes easy to find your target audience and make a lot of sales which will translate into profit.

Meanwhile, to figure out what is profitable, you have to focus on different factors, including the season, target audience as well as trends in the market. In this article, we focus on beach gears: why B2B sellers should consider selling them, and some market trends for summer 2022.

Why beach gears are a profitable chance for B2B sellers

By definition, beachwear constitutes gear, garments, and accessories (e.g., swimsuits, bikinis, and sunglasses) designed for water-based activities/sports like swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and sunbathing.

There is a high increase in the number of people engaging in outdoor activities, like water-based sports, which is one of the major driving factors of the beach wear industry1. The more people go on beach vacations, the higher the demand for beach gear and the greater the sales of B2B sellers who specialize in beach wear.

Currently, the beachwear and swimwear industry is growing at a rapid rate, and it’s expected to continue to do so for many years.2 In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the beachwear and swimsuits market was estimated at $19.5 billion and projected to grow to $27.6 billion by 2027.3 According to several reports, some of the factors driving the growth of the beachwear industry include:

beach gear trends summer 2022

1. Increased interest in outdoor activities

After the pandemic, everyone wanted to enjoy the freedom of being outside. For these reasons, outdoor activities and sports like beach-going and swimming became an activity of choice for many people. Meanwhile, people who enjoy these activities require suitable clothing and accessories for an enjoyable experience. With more people in water-based activities, high demand for beach gear is expected.

2. Comfort and style

For many people, wearing a random cloth to the beach doesn't cut it. People desire to look stylish at the beach, and many key players in the industry are updating their beachwear designs to look fashionable.4 Meanwhile, people aren’t only looking for something fashionable but also comfortable, which explains why outfits like kaftans and beach dresses are in trend.

3. Increased interest in body care

Outdoor activities like swimming and surfing are linked to health benefits like improved sleep, reduced stress, and a healthy heart. There is a growing interest in fitness activities like swimming as many people are becoming aware of the benefits. Also, people are getting more interested in protecting and caring for their bodies to look their best. This explains why more people are sunbathing, thus creating a high demand for protective products like sunscreen and sunglasses.

4. Something for the men

Men are becoming more conscious about what they wear and now spend time looking for fashionable clothes, including beachwear. While women are still the majority of consumers in the beachwear industry, men are also starting to emerge as key consumers. Now, many fashion brands in the beachwear industry not only focus their attention on cute beach outfits for women but also on men and children.

5. Growth of the fashion industry

There is increased incorporation of fashionable elements into beachwear by fashion brands. Now, the runway and fashion catalogs do not just feature outfits for dinners or work but also other activities like swimming and surfing. This has increased the promotion of beach gear and swimwear, and this is attracting a lot of consumers.5 Also, a lot of key sports brands are creating more outfits that are beach functional.

Beach gear trends by category:

Target Audience: The primary target audience in the beach gear industry is women, followed by men and children.

Type: Some of the most popular beach gear are beach outfits and swimwear.

Fabric Material: Common beach outfit materials are polyester, spandex, and nylon.

Distribution channel: The majority of beach wear is sold online, primarily via online e-commerce platforms.

Location: The key regions in the beachwear industry are: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, The Middle East, and Africa, Latin America. Currently, North America (US, Mexico, and Canada) exhibits the largest market in the swimwear industry.

In summary, beach gear is a very viable market, with most of the consumers being women and the most popular distribution channels being e-commerce platforms. With the high demand for beach wear and the increase in online shopping6, it’s clear that the beach wear market will be very suitable and profitable for B2B sellers.

25 beach gear trends for summer 2022

Beachwear has evolved tremendously over the years. What started as bikini tops and old-fashioned buttoned-down t-shirts have evolved into trends like fresh cuts, animal prints, and lots of colors.

As expected, there is a lot of variety of stylish beach outfits and accessories available in the market. However, as a B2B seller, it’s essential to offer products that are in trend to sell better and faster. Here are 25 trendy beach gear to dominate and sell out in summer 2022.

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1. String bikini bottoms

String bikinis bottoms are so 80s style, but now, they are back making waves in the beachwear industry. These bare bikini bottoms have had a lot of online searches since 2021, and there’s no doubt many people will be in them this summer. String bikinis are stylish, offer a detail that isn’t found in regular bikinis, and are common among fashion-conscious consumers.

2. Beach kaftans

Oversized kaftans are one of the oldest beach outfits, and it seems to have made a comeback. They are comfortable, stylish, and offer a wide range of mobility. Beach kaftans are also very common among beachgoers who love to cover up outfits —they comfortably cover inner bath suits or swimwear and double as an evening look. Some brands are creating kaftans and cover-ups that match swimsuits and bikinis, helping people create effortless and uniform beachwear.

3. Strong crisscross or strings

Beachwear is getting a modern update as many brands are adding more fashion details like straps and crisscross strands. Most of the swimwear in this category is one-piece with strings attached, so wearers can create a crisscross at the back, torso, shoulders, or just below the arm.

4. Bandeau

One of the latest trends of beach wear is the bandeau bikinis. There are many eye-catching bandeau designs and are suitable for pairing with different outfits, including a matching bikini bottom, loose-fitting trousers, or even a sarong.

5. Silk bandanas

There are many trends for beach wear in 2022, but one that is too big to ignore is the silk bandana fashion. Silk scarves are quite fashionable items for a lot of occasions, including the beach. Many consumers prefer their scarves in bright prints and often pair them with a black swimsuit. Also, depending on the scarf's size, women can tie it on the head, twist it into a strapless top, or wrap it around the waist.

6. Pastel-hued swimsuits

As seen on the fashion runways and search trends, one of the most prominent color trends for summer 2022 is the pastel hue. Pastel-hued swimwear will be among the most popular beachwear this season, and you have to agree that it's a perfect summer color.

7. Three-piece sets

Currently, one of the major things people are looking for in beach wear is versatility, and this is where the three-piece set comes in. People will be spending more on beachwear that works as a complete outfit without needing to worry about putting different outfits together. Most three pieces come with a bikini in the same color or print with a sarong, while some come with a bikini and a long cover-up.

8. Floral prints

Floral prints are all over newly designed beach wear, and this multicolored option really embodies the summer energies. Whether it’s a sarong, a bathing suit, or a beach dress, remember to focus a lot on floral designs to give customers what they want.

9. Fringe

The beach is one of the perfect places to wear fringe outfits, and a lot of people are starting to realize it. Fringe adds great detail to a lot of clothes, including swimsuits. Shorter fringes add subtle detail to swimsuits and give an appearance of a larger bust. Longer fringes create a more dramatic look, just perfect for the beach.

10. Matching sets

People love matching sets, and they will be everywhere by summer 2022! Whether long, short, colored, plain, or maxi, matching sets are an easy way to dress for the sand. It requires little effort and helps people prepare easily for a pool day, knowing that their outfits are sorted. Many brands are releasing bath suit sets in the same colors and prints as cover-ups.

11. Beach suit

Beach suits are great for the beach! No, beach suits are not swimsuits or bath suits; they are like work suits with pants and jackets. But instead of a professional workwear suit, a beach suit is loose-fitting, breathable, and is most popular in neutral colors. People love them because they offer a different look from bikinis and dresses.

12. Sarongs

Sarongs make great and stylish beach outfits for women explaining why they are one of the most dominating outfits for summer beach wear. They are available in different styles and patterns like floral and can be worn short or long.

13. Crochets and knits

Crochet is having a moment, and it will be spotted a lot this summer in almost every fashion category. A lot of beachgoers are embracing the trend of wearing knit swimsuits and beachwear, and it’s quite unique. Crochet beach wear comes in various knit sizes to help people decide how much skin they want to show.

14. Button-up shirt

A classic button-up shirt as beachwear doesn't seem to be going out of style any time soon. This is understandable; button-up shirts are super comfortable and versatile — you can pair them up with some shorts or pants and head out to dinner after spending time at the pool.

beach gear trends summer 2022

15. Cutouts

Cutouts are one of the most trendy beachwear for women at the moment. This fashion style is making a trend in almost every fashion category, including gowns, blouses, and bathing suits for the beach. The stylish design is available mainly in one-piece swimsuits and in different styles and colors.

16. Bridal swimwear

More than 2.5 million weddings are expected to take place in the US in 2022.7 Many of these weddings will be in warm-weather destinations, and of course, many people will be tying the knot at the beach. Bridal bikinis are a fashion concept that lets couples celebrate their special day while wearing beachwear. Some of the latest trends are bikinis with bridal aesthetics, white one-piece swimsuits, boho lace-trimmed skirts, and much more. As more brides are searching for the perfect beach wear to tie the knot, it's only right to have suitable products for them.

17. Animal prints

Expect to see a lot of beach outfits in animal prints this summer of 2022. No doubt, animal prints have been a key trend for some years now, and now designers are extending the trend to beach wear. From leopard print to zebra stripes and tiger stripes, a lot of beachgoers will be rocking animal print bikinis.

18. Beach dress

Beach dress will be one of the biggest beachwear trends this summer. While the idea of dresses at a beach may sound less practical, they actually enhance style. Beach dresses are versatile and will take you from the beach shores to lunch by the pool. Also, beach dresses offer sun protection, and you can slip them on over your swimwear or drape it on for an evening look.

19. Crop tops

Another trend that has been spotted in beachwear designs is crop tops. The most popular ones at the moment are the halter-neck crop tops.

20. Jumpsuits

It’s no surprise that jumpsuits have found their way into this summer’s beach outfits trend. This summer, a lot of people will be taking their pick of jumpsuits in different styles. Jumpsuits work as a cover to boost your swimwear and work for post-beach dinner wear, so it’s no surprise they are on the trend list this summer.

21. Summer hats

Clothing isn't the only part of beach wear; accessories like hats are having their moment too. Straw beach hats are perfect for creating a unique look, especially when paired with sizable sunglasses. There are designs available for men, women, and children. Asides from offering a glamorous beach look, hats also keep the face safe from the sun.

beach gear trends summer 2022

22. Sustainable bath suits

Sustainability is having a breakthrough in many industries, including the beachwear market. There is more awareness of the importance of eco-friendly products, more consumers are demanding them, and more designers are pushing out sustainable swimwear.

23. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential to protect the skin against ultraviolet rays, which explains why they are in the beach accessories category. It’s an essential must-have for every beachgoer who wants to enjoy the warmth of the sun without causing damage to their skin.

24. Waterproof playing cards

Another trendy accessory for the beach is waterproof cards suitable for games with friends or family. With these cards, beachgoers can enjoy games right at the pool without worrying about wetting the cards. There are other forms of waterproof games suitable for beach games and fun, and people will be buying them a lot.

25. Summer tote and sandals

Winning the comeback for beach accessories are summer tote bags! People going to the beach often need someplace to throw in all necessities, and this is where tote bags come to the rescue. From fishermen's totes to crochet bags and woven basket bags, summer bags are undeniably one of the essential accessories for beach vacations.

Also, you already know people will need some suitable footwear to pair with their beach outfits. For this reason, expect a high demand for sandals, slippers, and other beach footwear.

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