10 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Your Business

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10 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Your Business


Recognizing the initial challenges of selecting the right crowdfunding platform, we've curated a list of top-performing sites known for their high success rates. This compilation aims to streamline your decision-making process and provide clarity amidst the array of options available.

Moreover, we understand the importance of making an informed decision, which is why we've outlined key considerations to guide your platform selection. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to choose the platform that aligns best with your crowdfunding objectives.

What Is A Crowdfunding Platform?

Crowdfunding is essentially a collective effort where a group of individuals, known as the "crowd," come together to financially support a project by pooling their resources. This approach enables many individuals to contribute small amounts towards a larger fundraising goal, rather than relying on substantial investments from professional investors.

Crowdfunding platforms facilitate this process by providing a platform for groups of people to effortlessly contribute funds to a cause or project. All backers need to do is visit a specific URL and use their preferred online payment method to show their support.

For example, if someone wants to support a friend's artistic project on a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, they can simply visit the project's page, enter their payment details, and contribute any amount they wish to donate. This simplicity and accessibility make crowdfunding a popular choice for individuals and organizations seeking financial support for various endeavors.

What Are The Advantages Of Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding serves a wide range of purposes, from personal fundraising to supporting early-stage startups and their innovative products. Importantly, it puts your cause in the spotlight, allowing you to share your story and engage both new and existing supporters. Whether you're aiming to drive giving days, gather recurring donations, or address urgent needs, crowdfunding empowers donors to become part of your mission.

Here are some notable use cases for crowdfunding:

  1. Launching a social media giving campaign: You can create a campaign that is easy to share across various social media platforms, encouraging supporters to spread the word and contribute. For example, you might raise funds for a local animal shelter by sharing compelling stories and photos of rescued animals on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  2. Leveraging podcasts or live streams: You can share a crowdfunding link to feature on podcasts or during live streams, like through Alibaba live, allowing listeners or viewers to donate directly to your cause. For instance, a podcaster might promote a crowdfunding campaign for a community project during their show, encouraging listeners to support the initiative.

  3. Facilitating corporate donations: Crowdfunding platforms can provide organizations and corporate sponsors with a convenient way to collect donations from employees. This could involve setting up a workplace giving campaign to support a charitable cause or community project. For example, a company might use a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for disaster relief efforts among its staff members.

10 Best Crowdfunding Platforms

1. GoFundMe

GoFundMe stands as the leading name in online fundraising, bringing together over 150 million individuals and organizations worldwide with its mission of fostering mutual support. Operating in 19 countries and expanding, this popular crowdfunding platform has facilitated over $30 billion in generosity since its inception in 2010, in collaboration with Classy. With no signup fees, comprehensive customer support, and the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee, GoFundMe serves as the go-to platform for both individuals and organizations seeking to rally global support.

2. Classy.org

Classy empowers thousands of top nonprofits worldwide to share their impactful stories and inspire support through customizable, conversion-optimized crowdfunding campaigns. Our global giving platform offers a variety of campaign formats and flexible options, creating intuitive and community-driven giving experiences that connect people with the causes they care about.

3. Indiegogo

Indiegogo positions itself as the premier platform for supporting innovative ideas and groundbreaking products before they hit the mainstream market. With a focus on funding entrepreneurial ventures and emerging technologies in their early stages of development, Indiegogo provides startups and small businesses with the flexibility to choose between fixed or flexible funding goals. This allows them to tailor their fundraising experiences to suit their specific needs, much like the numerous cheap online shopping websites available today.

4. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is committed to bringing creative projects to fruition. Since its inception in 2009, over 23 million individuals from across the globe have supported projects on the platform. Utilizing a rewards-based model, Kickstarter offers unique incentives to potential backers, ensuring they feel they receive something valuable in return for their support. With a total donation volume exceeding $7.8 billion and over 254,097 successfully funded projects, Kickstarter is effectively bridging the gap between creators, backers, and the community.

5. StartEngine

StartEngine serves as a platform aiding early-stage startups in connecting with accredited investors, providing support at every stage of the fundraising process. Under the guidance of Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary, inventors and founders can seek assistance in crafting their narratives, preparing legal documents, and launching funding rounds. Following its acquisition of SeedInvest in 2022, StartEngine has expanded its investor community to 1.8 million, offering substantial crowdfunding opportunities for startups. Additionally, individuals interested in becoming investors can utilize the platform to discover investment prospects.

6. Patreon

Patreon is dedicated to assisting artists in expanding their fanbase and advancing their professional careers. The platform also features a social media aspect, enabling creators to engage with their supporters through posts and direct messages. Primarily catering to small groups and individual creatives, especially content creators such as performers, writers, podcasters, and game designers, Patreon fosters connections alongside providing financial resources. While it offers aesthetically pleasing interfaces and tangible benefits like exclusive content for subscribers, a significant portion of funds generated on the platform goes towards Patreon itself.

7. Crowdfundr

Branding itself as the "more powerful, more flexible, and more free" crowdfunding platform, Crowdfundr caters to creators and independent businesses. Since its establishment in 2012, Crowdfundr has supported over 200,000 campaigns, raising a total of over $250 million. Targeting budding creators and entrepreneurs who may have limited funds, Crowdfundr offers fundraisers considerable freedom in determining how the platform receives payment. However, it may not enjoy the same level of recognition as other crowdfunding platforms.

8. Crowdcube

Crowdcube facilitates connections between investors and campaigns, enabling investors to become official shareholders. Emphasizing transparency, Crowdcube provides investors with an initial questionnaire to guide their investment decisions. Focusing primarily on European startups, Crowdcube is widely regarded as a trustworthy platform, boasting certification as a B-Corp and maintaining a 4.5-star average rating from approximately 8,000 reviews. However, it targets investors deemed "sufficiently sophisticated" to understand investment risks, which may not be suitable for all individuals.

9. Fundable

Fundable matches projects with accredited investors, individuals with a certain net worth and/or income. Offering investors the choice between rewards or shares as their return,and also other retail examples. Fundable is one of the few fundraising platforms that provide this option. With features including both self-managed and guided fundraising options, Fundable establishes itself as a serious and trustworthy platform through clear guidelines on prohibited projects. However, it is accessible only to accredited investors registered in the US.


StartEngine is a platform tailored for ambitious startups aiming to expand their operations, offering investors the opportunity to engage in buying, selling, and trading shares of qualifying companies. With a focus on fundraisers who possess a robust understanding of investment procedures and business principles, StartEngine stands out for its reputable leadership team, known for their successful track record in various professional ventures. However, the platform may appear less diverse compared to its counterparts, and its website usability might be perceived as less intuitive than that of competing platforms.


In summary, successful crowdfunding demands organization and patience. Whether you aim to finance a scientific breakthrough, unveil a new electric vehicle, or offer aid to natural disaster victims, understanding how each crowdfunding platform can assist your cause is crucial. Begin by clarifying your fundraising objectives, establishing your budget, researching each platform's features, and verifying their track record and fee structure. Keep in mind that no crowdfunding platform is flawless, so thorough research is key.


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