Gateway 2021: Enter Export e-commerce

播放Gateway 2021: Enter Export e-commerce
December 09, 2021
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM UTC+8
Streamed atDecember 08, 2021
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About the Webinars

Digitization is inevitable. The pandemic has fast-tracked the adoption of digitization multifold among all businesses across the world- small and big alike. As per Alibaba data, we have seen >100% growth in the active buyer numbers since the pandemic. Many of the buyers who traditionally used to do business offline are more inclined to do business online these days. The prime driver is that the travel has been restricted and all the companies are in cost cutting mode. Hence, if you are a traditional business, you must start to have a digital presence in order to cater to the needs of all these global buyers.

We at are bringing forth this year's largest digital conclave where many Pakistani small and medium businesses will come together to learn how they can transform their traditional business to online B2B commerce and sell to the whole world in a structured and step wise manner.

The speakers in the conclave comprises-

1) Stephen Kuo - Head of Asia Pacific,
2) Song- Business Head, Pakistan

3) Haider Ali- Founder, Impex Pakistan

4) Hassan Nawaz- Partner, Shipway

5) Md. Yousaf- Service Ops Manager, Pakistan

Join us and take the first step towards globalization and digitization.

Thanks and looking forward to having you at the event.

About the speakers